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Creating Superstars At Work

Imagine a workplace where people are happy, enthused & go the extra mile…

Disengaged employees cost the UK £348 billion a year in absence and unproductivity.
We're here to change that...

Increase Sales

A Watson Wyatt study has shown that employee engagement training boosts financial performance four times greater than organisations that have poor engagement. Another Hay Group study has also shown engaged employees generate 43% more revenue.

Reduce Staff Absence

According to the CIPD, sickness absence averages at 6.3 days per employee. Larger organisations report even higher absence levels. Career development and employee engagement programmes are vital for reducing staff absence and improving employee wellbeing.

Create a Happy Workforce

Investors in People reported that one in four of UK employees are unhappy in the workplace. A happy workforce is more motivated to achieve the business’ goals and grow a lot quicker compared to those with lower employee satisfaction rates.

Why Businesses Trust Us

Here at Inspire Me, we understand how important it is in the current climate to keep employees feeling supported, engaged, and motivated with continual professional development, including leadership communication skills & problem-solving.

Brand and working culture are at the heart of everything we do. We've helped many businesses develop and improve their employee engagement strategies and customer experience. Take a look at what a handful of our partners have had to say:


personal bests broken. Achieved best quarter ever in results.

“In general, the business has been more focussed, and we have achieved our best quarter ever in results, breaking over 15 personal bests.”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President at Firstsource Solutions

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people, Dublin

“Peta was amazing – we loved every second”

Woodies DIY


average upturn in trained stores against those untrained

“Inspire me created two courses that really delivered on our brief...The delivery of both courses was exceptional – high-energy, interactive and thought-provoking.”

Head of Engagement at Woodies



“If you are looking for a world-class, contemporary and innovative training partner, I recommend that you speak to the Inspire me team!”

David Nally, Head of Engagement at Woodies

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higher save rate than the site average

“I am delighted with the results of the Firstsource Inspire Choir. The staff are really enjoying every minute of it and their enthusiasm is spreading across the entire centre. I have seen improvements in every KPI across the choir and it has been an amazing story of success for staff engagement.”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President Operations at Firstsource Solutions

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Here's how we do it...

See some of our most popular employee engagement strategies below:

Team Building

Inspire Me Team building activities are a fantastic way to strengthen the bonds within your teams. Learn how we can get your employees working as a collective unit.

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Return on Investment Programmes

Developing your leaders and keeping your employees on brand. See how our expert facilitators can spark your employee motivation and make a difference to your bottom line.

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Latest news and announcements

Here are the latest news articles and upcoming announcements from Inspire Me:

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