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Meet The Team

The Inspire Me Team


We are a creative team of business people, artists, performers and NLP practitioners who work across the UK and overseas injecting passion, knowledge and energy into your people and workplaces.

Meet all of the vibrant humans that make up our core team below!

Andrea Callanan | Inspire Me Team Member

Andrea Callanan

Founder & Inspirational Diva

Helen Corsi-Cadmore | Inspire Me

Helen Corsi-Cadmore

Growth and Leadership Guru

Emily Tonks | Inspire Me Team Member

Emily Tonks

Director of Superchoir and Head of Music

Chloe Cooke | Inspire Me Team Member

Chloe Cooke

Director of Superchoir and Head of Innovation

Catherine Demaid

People and Infinite Possibilities Partner

Stephanie Evans | Inspire Me Team Member

Stephanie Evans

Choir Motivator

Cat Southall | Inspire Me Team Member

Cat Southall

Choir Motivator

Rose Baker

Apprentice Digital Communications Support Flower

Have you listened to our podcast yet?  It’s live on Apple and Spotify!

Andrea Callanan and Cath Demaid are opening up conscious dialogue about your teams, leadership and your people.


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