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Chloe Cooke has been bringing her sparkle to Inspire Me since 2015 and her passion for bringing out the best in people is evident.

Chloe is a choir motivator; facilitating sessions for our Workplace Choirs and running teambuilds across the country and internationally. She also sits on the marketing team and takes care of our lovely blog page! 

Does Your Workplace Represent Your Wonderful Workforce?

What do you picture when you read the word, office? Do images of panel blinds, filing cabinets and wire-mesh-desk-bins automatically spring to mind? Every business using an office space needs to provide its employees with the essentials: a desk, stationary supplies, technology and materials to carry out tasks, and of course - the office space itself.

The Business Dictionary defines an office as:

“A location, usually a building or portion of a building, where a company conducts its business”.

Let’s dig a little deeper. What about the energy of an office and the way employees feel about the space? What measures are in place to support its occupants in bringing the best versions of themselves to work every day?

Many businesses are, rightly, passionate about creating the best customer experiences for their clients, but what about the everyday experiences of their employees? All too often, this gets overlooked, but here’s the thing - if you want happy customers, you need a happy team first.

Think about your company values. These create the brand of your business and your brand is represented by your team members.

If you expect your employees to be on brand, your office must be too. After all, your full-time office-based employees will be spending a significant number of hours in it!

At inspireMe, our values include creativity, authenticity, well-being, openness and energy; and our leader, Andrea Callanan, has created an office space that allows us to practice these values every day.

Make Maximum Difference with Minimal Expense!

Stepping out of the box of conventional work spaces doesn’t need to cost the Earth, and you certainly don’t need to do it by yourself, so go and get your team involved!

inspireMe’s headquarters have been proudly decorated with the help of every member of the inspireMe team. We’ve painted walls (bright reds and warming blues), made bunting, hung pictures, and laid an array of colourful rugs across our office floor space.

The ‘home-away-from-home’ feel means employees show up for work authentically, and being authentic makes for a creative and productive team! 

Having meetings sat in the office ‘living room’ area makes communicating and voicing thoughts so much easier, and sitting on super-sized bean bags when discussing business ideas makes for exciting possibilities!

Lee Penson, Interior Designer for Google, said this to the Telegraph about office spaces:

 “Let your space speak of your character, personality and vibe. Everybody that sees you in your space should leave with a great impression. It’s not just an office space with a logo on a coloured wall – that’s the worst thing you can do. Have the vision to see it as an extension of your personalities” - Lee Penson, owner of PENSON. 

Invest in Employee Engagement

What do your employees need to optimise productivity in the workplace?

Does your office need a catch-up with company culture? What employee engagement can you introduce to the workplace?

Does Your Workplace Represent Your Wonderful Workforce?

Sep 26, 2018

What employee engagement can you introduce to the workplace?

At inspireMe, we offer mindful and creative people solutions, including employee engagement programmes and impactful training for leadership teams. If you want a thriving business with an invested team, take your employees’ happiness at work seriously. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If you’re wondering what your employees would like to see introduced into the workplace, ask them! It’s a great exercise - sitting down together and chatting about the exciting changes that could be made to your office space.

Your team members breathe the culture of your business, so it’s important you have a strong one that your employees feel part of.

Remember, investing in the happiness and well-being of your employees can be achieved inside the office and outside of it too!

inspireMe’s corporate teambuilds are great for getting teams working together and stepping out of comfort zones. They are sure to provide an all-round amazing experience that your employees will simply love!  

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs.

We know employee engagement is integral to the success of every business, so if you want to find out more about inspireMe’s engagement offerings, contact us today!  

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! 

Written by Chloe Cooke for inspireMe.


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