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Case Study

Case Study: Admiral Insurance

How we raised the bar for call centre staff and manager at Wales’ largest insurance firm.

The Business Challenge

Admiral Group wanted to inject a sense of fun into the working week while developing their staff — both as teams and individuals. With room for improvements in key areas like attendance, motivation and goal-setting, they launched a new team building initiative and hired Sing & Inspire to launch and manage the programme.

The Solution

After a series of one-day team building and training events, we set up The Inspire Choir — a core singing group made up of call centre staff, managers and other colleagues. We ran regular rehearsals, with one-to-one coaching for lead choristers. Soon after, they were ready for public performance… raising the company’s profile while lifting everyone’s spirits.

The Results

The stats speak for themselves, showing an impact on confidence, motivation and performance, as well as goal-setting and fighting off stress. Best of all though, members are regularly coming in for rehearsals, even on their days off! If you’ve got problems with absenteeism, that’s the first point we should discuss. With three choirs across their three main sites, these programmes now sit as part of Admiral Ministry of Health.



attribute performance improvements to the choir


improvement in attendance


choristers say the choir has made a positive difference to their health and wellbeing


phone-based members show improvements in customer service

Services Used

Workplace Engagement Choirs Image

Workplace Engagement Choir Programmes

Our inspire choirs are tangible employee engagement programmes

"The choir is really having a huge effect on my work now, I am more focussed and on top of my game."

Admiral Insurance Employee and Inspire Choir member

Are you looking for a long-term solution to your employee engagement? Do you want to establish a positive culture, strong values and a workplace community? Inspire Me can help.

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