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Case Study

Case Study: EE

Better Together Choir

The Business Challenge

EE is one of Britain’s largest mobile network operators, internet service provider and a division of BT Group.

Following the BT merge the business had undergone a huge amount of change. In the midst of change there was a growing disconnect between the two main department based on separate floors within their contact centre. Leadership recognised that they needed a programme that could help them to

  • Unite the entire site in an engagement programme to restore pride in our teams
  • Improve Absence & Attrition results across all departments
  • Uplift NPS & reduce complaints

The Solution

Having previously had an inspire choir engagement programme run by us under the T-mobile brand at the time, the EE site leadership team decided they wanted to explore this programme again.

After sitting down to understand how the business had changed and what the areas of focus needed to be we launched a refreshed inspire choir engagement programme.

The Results

The Better Together Choir at EE Merthyr began in February 2017 and grew from strength to strength within the first year of the programme. With a 132 strong choir the site has seen incredible results across their campaigns and consumer departments and the ripple effect has created a happy motivating workplace for employees. As a result of the inspire choir programme net promoter score has gone up by 20%, attrition and absence have been reduced and the choir is going strong.



increase in net promoter score


decrease in attrition in choir members in the consumer department


average increase in Customer Satisfaction in Choir members


decrease in absence in choir members in Campaigns Department


See what EE had to say about the success of the programme

What services did we use

Workplace Engagement Choirs Image

Workplace Engagement Choir Programmes

Our inspire choirs are tangible employee engagement programmes

“Being able to have fun in work especially having the opportunity to be a part of the EE choir. It's one of the best things about working here its very engaging and really helps with being able to just have an hour in the week where you’re not on the phone and you can just enjoy having fun with and interacting with agents from different departments, which really helps with your confidence and the positive attitude/atmosphere within the call center.”

Agent, EE Merthyr

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