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Case Study

Firstsouce Inspire Choir

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The Business Challenge

Firstsource Solutions is a leading global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services offering a wide range of services across banking and financial services, telecommunications and media and the healthcare industry. Their Cardiff call centre wanted to launch a new initiative on site to engage their employees and to improve customer experience, quality and attrition.


The Solution

Based on these objectives Sing & Inspire and Firstsource set up a workplace choir, called the Firstsource Inspire Choir and tailored this to the company working around their flexibility and time allocation for staff to make the choir as accessible as possible to all site staff. Included in the programme were various promotional activities, meetings with managers, performances and site visits. As this was a 6 month project sessions began in June and were set to end in November 2013.


The Results

The results speak for themselves. Beyond that there have been improvements in communication, health & wellbeing and confidence levels. Employees in the choir feel happier at work. The choir also played a big part in the Firstsource call centre being awarded ‘Outsourcing Partnership of year’ with BSkyB at the European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards 2013 and furthermore since.


lower sickness & attrition on average in the choir, in comparison to the rest of the site (over half!)


higher save rate than the site average


higher sales on average through service conversion rate than the site average (over half!)


average increase in sales

What services did we use

Workplace Engagement Choirs Image

Workplace Engagement Choir Programmes

Our inspire choirs are tangible employee engagement programmes

"I have seen improvements in every KPI across the choir and it has been an amazing story of success for staff engagement.”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President Operations at Firstsource Solutions

If you want to improve KPIs across your business, retain your talent, achieve a trailblazer status in your organisation and generate a huge return on investment, an Inspire Choir is for you!

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