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Inspire Me training - leadership

Inspire Me corporate leadership training programmes are transformational and unique.

From Chief Exec to new and emerging leaders we empower, equip and explore how to strengthen good practice and supercharge existing knowledge.

From the top-down, we inspire individuals to step into their personal power and recognise their authentic leadership. We encourage leaders to embrace the challenges faced with being leaders through mindset, confidence work and recognising human behaviour. We encourage ‘leaders rather than managers’ and work on the self to bring the inner leader to the forefront.

So much money is lost to overwhelmed leaders who can’t see the wood for the trees. We bring tools and techniques so your leaders can develop their self-mastery, making them so much more productive as leaders and managers.

We use a number of great resources as well as our own Inspire Me method in designing and delivering impactful leadership training courses that make a difference to your top and bottom line.

Each of the leadership training programmes below can be a one-day standalone course or part of a series. The courses are for up to 14 delegates.

Take a look at the leadership training courses we offer below and give us a call on 029 2022 9922 or request a call back here:


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Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is key in today’s workplace.

It’s proven that people stay in their jobs longer and perform better when they have great relationships with their leaders. If you have a problem with attrition, we invite you to look at your management. If you want more trust in your organisation, yes, it's your leadership.

Taking ownership, finding confidence, standing in our authenticity and understanding our personal power is essential in our influence and effectiveness as leaders. All too often, leaders are torn between serving their teams and keeping up with admin and an ever-changing climate in work.

This leadership training programme looks at empowering leaders and encouraging acceptance of responsibility on a personal and servitude level. Getting rid of the masks we wear out of fear in work makes us better leaders and gets better results.

We debunk the ‘leader v’s manager’ theory and instead hold a more sophisticated approach to leadership styles, identity and implementation.

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Leadership Training

Fear & Managing Change

Fear is a very real emotion and is cited as one of the main reasons, along with lack of self-belief that people fail to achieve their potential.

This fear occurs just as much in work as it does outside of work. Fear is potentially the biggest emotion to block progression in the workplace and is often not addressed. Overcoming fear could be the answer to your team working more effectively or your leaders truly standing in their strength and ability.

Managing change looks at how our subconscious behaviours play out in our body language and tone of voice. We also look at tried and tested methods such as good old planning, clarity and confidence.

This leadership training workshop addresses what causes fear, how the body responds to it and how to push through that fear to achieve what you want or need to do.

We use positive and servitude leadership techniques and resources. We also encourage better transparency, trust and truth within the delegates and how they may operate as a whole.

We look at the effect that vulnerability and armoured leaders have on an organisation. As well as finding easier ways to open up communication.

This leadership training course is here to support your leaders when it looks like thy might be falling apart.

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Inspire Me Staff

Vocal Power

Our Vocal power course is excellent for sales people, rising stars and leaders. Vocal power combines Neuro Linquistic Programming with elements of our voice and attitudinal courses to provide better empathy, confidence and control. This course is fantastic for resolving conflict, objection handling and leading people.

Finding your Voice as a leader serves to glue teams together and solidify brand values.

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Our results speak for themselves

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personal bests broken. Achieved best quarter ever in results.

“In general, the business has been more focussed, and we have achieved our best quarter ever in results, breaking over 15 personal bests.”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President at Firstsource Solutions

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day training workshop

“It was engaging and energising and left me looking at how I present myself in a whole different light.”

Anthony Thomas, Operations Manager at Admiral Insurance

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