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Inspire Me training - Mindset

Mindset & Behavioural Training

We specialise in training for customer service-based organisations.

We are particularly successful with the contact centre and retail industry. And, very successful with team leader populations.

These courses improve specific behaviours and mindset. We create innovative training programmes focussing on how and why individuals show up like they do.  It’s all about bringing the human approach back.

We offer interactive day workshops and longer term courses to improve the connection with your delegates themselves, your internal customers (colleagues and teams), your customers and your organisation.

Our training brings many elements of the self-development world into the workplace as well as many tried and tested resources from both the performance and leadership world.

It’s SO important that your people are on brand. We are disruptive in our approach while maintaining a relaxed, fun environment. We’re really good at holding space for individuals and teams to level up in a safe space.

We train in groups of 15 or less. Our ideal number to guarantee full participation is around 12.

We have impressive emotional and financial return with our training methods so get in touch if you know your teams need something more than the usual classroom training they may have been used to.

“I would highly recommend Inspire Me for any training requirements, it is certainly different and bespoke compared to other previous training consultants I have worked with”

SVP Firstsource Solutions


How You Show Up

This course is bespoke according to the needs of your business.

It will contain elements of personal management, self-awareness, authenticity, exploring fear, dealing with change, on brand behaviour and leadership.

There are strong elements of positive language and psychology in our courses as well as how to manage personal energy and state.

Everything is tailored to your team or organisation. It’s all relevant and we aim to shift the lens so people can see things from a different angle.


On Brand Customer Service

We know that if your people align their own values with your company brand values that they have the potential to be superstar employees

This course looks at what your people really feel about the organisation and how to get congruent with being the best they can be both in and out of work.

We focus on 1 or 2 of your values for this workshop and explore ownership, connection and authenticity in our communication.


Here are some of the main issues we address and benefits of our behavioural training:

• Better communication
• On purpose behaviour
• Greater productivity
• Ownership and Accountability
• Improved team work
• Broken down silo’s
• Greater engagement within teams
• Less employee turnover
• Better bottom line
• Attendees feel more valued
• Greater loyalty to the company
• Better conflict handling
• Improved customer service

Our results speak for themselves

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personal bests broken. Achieved best quarter ever in results.

“In general, the business has been more focussed, and we have achieved our best quarter ever in results, breaking over 15 personal bests.”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President at Firstsource Solutions

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“If you are looking for a world-class, contemporary and innovative training partner, I recommend that you speak to the Inspire me team!”

David Nally, Head of Engagement at Woodies

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