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Inspire Me training - Voice

Occupational Voice Training

“Call centre managers and employees would be wise to heed the advice of this research and consider what benefits vocal training and a raised awareness of environmental issues would bring to their organisation.”

“By educating staff on voice-care issues, they become more aware of the risks they face and how they can be prevented – this can lead to reduced absence levels, a more efficient way of working, and, in the long run, business profitability.”

Dr Louise Vassey. Author of the IOSH 2004 study on Occupational Voce Loss

Our unique Inspire me voice training courses are tailored for voice heavy industries. They are separated into three categories; Vocal Health, On Brand Voices and our award-winning Vocal Power course.

The courses are for up to 14 delegates but do speak to us if your team is 20 strong! They can be half or full day options and are particularly good for Contact Centres, Training and Development teams and Leadership.

Take a look at the courses we offer below and give us a call on 029 2022 9922 or request a call back here:


For voice heavy industries such as contact centres or sales, the voices of your front line people are the face of your company. These courses are great for grass roots level employees and powerful for leadership, trainers and speakers.


Vocal Health Training

Bespoke Interactive occupational health voice days and workshops

How many times have you lost money and customers due to a customer service representative that sounds awful? Either they have a sore throat or their clarity is questionable. Maybe they're well enough to come to work but not well enough to speak to your customers. Tailored to your industry, exploring how to look after voices, causes and prevention of occupational voice loss in voice heavy industries. Particularly popular with the contact centre, legal and education industry. A must for customer service and sales departments.

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On Brand Voices

How many times have you walked the floor of your contact centre and despaired at how one of your team might be talking to a customer?

‘How’ we use our voices and ‘how’ we say what we say is EVERYTHING in a competitive market if you serve your customers with a contact centre. Your unique brand is precious and your customer-facing employees are literally THE voice of your brand. How many times have you despaired when overhearing a customer call? Elements included in this training are breathing, posture, tone, pace, intonation, diction, attitude, energy, mindset & presence. Let's get your team to a place where you have no doubt they will handle your customer's calls in the best way possible.


Vocal Power

Our Vocal power course is excellent for sales people, rising stars and leaders.

Vocal power combines Neuro Linquistic Programming with elements of our voice and attitudinal courses to provide better empathy, confidence and control, fantastic for resolving conflict, objection handling and leading people.

This is one of the most powerful voice led courses that we provide which has great return on investment.

Please call us on 029 2022 9922 to discuss how best to make up the Vocal Power course that's the best fit for you!

Our results speak for themselves

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personal bests broken. Achieved best quarter ever in results.

“The training brought about a change in the business, staff have been more aware of their impact, have made changes in the way they communicate to their team and manager. In general, the business has been more focused, and we have achieved our best quarter ever in results, breaking over 15 personal bests, we are high performing and leading the way…”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President at Firstsource Solutions


personal bests broken. Achieved best quarter ever in results.

“In general, the business has been more focussed, and we have achieved our best quarter ever in results, breaking over 15 personal bests.”

Kathryn Chivers, Senior Vice President at Firstsource Solutions

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