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Energise & Inspire

Peak Performance Team Building

Welcome to Energise & Inspire

Body and Mind corporate team building workshops are designed to help your team find their peak performance levels in a fun, high energy and inspiring environment, using adrenaline inducing exercises including Board Breaks, Arrow Breaks, Glasswalks and Firewalks ..yes you read right! Firewalks are a great way to get your people to realise what they are capable of and to empower them.

All this, whilst having fun, growing closer as a team, uniting with a shared goal, communicating, supporting and encouraging each other in an extremely powerful shared experience!

This team building is particularly amazing for smaller teams and senior leadership groups. We’ve had some phenomenal feedback about these workshops. Our facilitator is truly motivational.

Hold onto your hats…your new normal will land very quickly once you level up with Energise & inspire.

Each of our tailor-made peak performance experiences are led by a trained facilitator, are conducted in safe environments and are fully insured.

Ready to help your team breakthrough mental barriers?

Give us a call on 029 2022 9922 and we’ll help you craft the perfect team building experience to lift your corporate away day or internal conference. Secure your date and request a quote today here:

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Ignite Your Champions

We have three main workshops. We can also tailor your experience with our wealth of peak performance, motivational speaking and employee engagement experience. Don't hesitate! Choose the right experience for you below and give us a call on 02920 229922.

Choir Members

Mind Power

An informative and interactive introduction to how we can use our mind and body to their optimal levels.

This includes shared breathwork meditation, nutritional ideas and interactive 'Mind Power' exercises such as breaking a target arrow with your throat. You will leave with a clear goal on what you are going to achieve with your team and how to unleash the energy you require to do it.

Event lasts for 90 minutes and is suitable for teams of 5-30 people.

Ready to book your Mind Power team building event? Request a quote here to get started.

Energise & Inspire

People Power

A highly interactive workshop based on energising each other to do extraordinary things.

In this session you will be breaking boards and go through an extremely powerful process of bending a reinforced bar with your throat along with a partner. This is a powerful session that will leave you feeling connected, energised and with the tools to release energy in yourself and others around you.

Event lasts for 2-3 hours and is suited to teams of 10-60 people.

Ready to book your people power team build? Request a quote here.

Walking in Glass


Release a level of energy like never before

Conquer your fears, build your confidence, recognize and trust intuitions, expand your view of yourself, breakthrough limitations and create empowering beliefs. This day long event fully equips you with the mind and body tools to maximise every area of your life from nutrition to mindset.

The employee experience includes glasswalking, arrow breaking, bar bending and of course fire walking! This is an all-day event lasting between 4-6 hours and is suitable for team of 20-200+.

Give us a call now on 029 2022 9922 for more details or request a quote here


Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say…

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broken arrows, 45 people, Cheltenham

"You nailed it.... Again! You and Jermaine really listened to my worries for the team and created a session that allowed people to be taken along on their own journeys, be that resilience for future change or current mindset limitations. For me to see team members have epiphany moments, in some cases for really deeply personal things that have held them back (in their own words) for a while, was so very humbling."

Head of Learner Experience, UCAS


leaders, 12 mindsets changed, Cardiff

Mindset and behaviour really changed for the team post session.

The approach is very different. Everyone left on a high and I would certainly recommend, all of my team has changed at least one thing since his session, most have taken multiple actions away. This is certainly an team building activity to get in if your team needs new focus and in particular any business going through change or a tough quarter/year.

Senior Vice President, Firstsource Solutions

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