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Sing & Inspire

Team Building With a Twist.

Singing Based Team Building Events-A New & Unique Way to Engage Staff!
Looking for a team-building event, but tired of the same old offerings?

We have the perfect all-weather solution for you!

Sing & Inspire’s corporate team building activities will get your whole company pulling together, solving problems, laughing, singing, bonding…it’s a blast!

People get a crash course in teamwork when they sing in harmony — and that’s what you can expect from our corporate team building events.

They also work wonders for employee motivation and bonding!

Of course, none of that means much if it wasn’t for the impact it can all have on your bottom line, which we will get into a bit further down!

Transform your team into a full harmony choir

We will turn any team into a 3 or 4 part harmony choir within a matter of hours, regardless of team size or individual confidence.

We are experts at leading people beyond their comfort zones with phenomenal results. 

Even the most dedicated managers and HR professionals will be blown away when they see their team working together in perfect harmony!


It’s not about the singing

It might seem strange for a singing event organiser to say, but it’s true!

As a company that provides services to business, ROI is at the core of everything we do. 

Our whole experience is about nurturing, developing and maintaining a sense of teamwork, mindset training and employee engagement much more than it’s about singing. 

Our team building sessions are dynamic, high impact, high energy and highly enjoyable for all involved, and most importantly they get results!

Our Sing & Inspire sessions are not only an effective part of a successful employee retention strategy but also contribute to positive mindset and behavioural training, meaning a strong return on your investment.

Maybe you’re aiming to reinforce company values, or initiate a culture change?

Regardless of what your goals may be, we’ll work with you to build the day around your central message and intent, so there’s more than just smiles and camaraderie to show for your time with us – there is a direct effect on your bottom line too.

We also find the vocal training involved is a huge benefit to customer service and sales teams who rely on their voice perhaps more than anybody else.

Want to inspire your team with a unique experience?

Give us a call on 029 2022 9922 now or visit our Contact Us page and we’ll help you craft the perfect team building experience to lift up your staff with new energy.

You may also be interested in our highly popular Superchoir communal choir events!

Secure your date and request a quote today here:

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Turn Your Team Into a 3 (or more) Part Harmony Choir

We have a range of different team-building experiences for teams of varied sizes along with our very popular conference energisers. Choose the experience that best fits you and your team from below, or give us a call on 02920 229922, where we’re happy to discuss your targets, goals and what we can offer you!

Team Meeting


Employee Energising Experience: Concise, Relevant, High-Octane. 30mins. 50-500+ people.

A short, sharp, high energy way to kick-start your day. We'll take your employees through a range of presence and energy exercises. This works wonders for motivation and overall productivity. We often finish off the event by teaching everyone to sing a chorus of a familiar song. A simple tactic maybe, but one that works every time. Your team will go back to work feeling refreshed, happy and ready to go!

These energiser experiences are fantastic for team meetings, conferences and trade shows as they lift the mood in a short period of time and set the tone for the day. They are unique, get people connected and create a tangible buzz that can spread positive word of mouth like wildfire.

Prices from £1485+VAT.

Sing & Inspire

Ultimate Choir Experience

Choir Teamwork Engagement Exercise: Ice-breakers, vocal exercises. Motivation booster. 2 hours. 150-500+ people.

We’ll connect your team first with a variety of ice-breakers and team games, then motivate them with some of our advanced energy exercises. Then the time comes to introduce them to singing with some basic vocal exercises. This experience encourages teams to take ownership, choose a positive mindset and reinforce the values of the company.

We are able to customise events to meet your goals, so be sure to discuss any specific targets with us. We divide the group into different sections separate from each other and get them quickly working in perfect harmony, defining their part in the choir. Once we join forces again and let it rip— the energy and sound are infectious and your team will feel a warm sense of belonging and achievement. This activity lasts for 2 hours and requires the use of multiple rooms.

Teambuilding Sing & Inspire

Team Blast Experience

Dynamic Team Choir. Fast paced event. 1.5 hours. 50-150 people.

This is by far our most popular corporate choir experience. Your team will enjoy a variety of team building exercises and learn to perform a full song within 90 minutes. Employees will achieve what many of them previously thought impossible resulting in feelings of euphoria, unity and confidence by the end of the session. This activity requires the use of 2-3 rooms and has a long term effect on employee engagement, motivation and overall job satisfaction.

Part of the reason this experience is so popular is that it tends to provide the biggest return on investment and is extremely efficient in the sense that 1.5 hours of your teams time will create long term social connections and bonding experiences.

Inspire Your Team Photo

Choir Workshop

An incredible value option for smaller teams of under 50.

These smaller workshops offer a great choir experience that will help your team feel energised, motivated and have them learn to perform a full song within a single hour.

The benefits of this class are long term and wide-reaching, improving confidence, fluid teamwork and providing a positive association with the workplace that will be extremely difficult to overcome.

If any of these workshops sound like they could work for you, get in touch now!

We also offer specialised and custom workshops and employee engagement programs - so if you need to improve the overall performance of your business but aren’t sure which package would be best for you, feel free to Contact Us now to discuss your goals and how we will help you reach them!


But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say…

Discover more


voices, 90 minutes, London

“Everyone was engaged, motivated and genuinely thrilled to take part…it is still the talking point of the conference and will be for some time to come.”

Anton Jeffery, Managing Director of Float


events, 3 happy clients

“If your organisation wants a memorable way to create instant team focus, engender collaboration or simply a metaphor for overcoming a challenge through teamwork, then Sing & Inspire is a fantastic way to achieve your goal. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Mark Ridley, Transform Performance International Partner


voices, 90 minutes, Thorpe Park

"This has been the best team building event I’ve experienced in my 20 years with the company"

Finance Team Employee, British Gas

180 teachers, Sheffield

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this experience was. We had the pleasure of having them at our Waterbabies teachers conference and it ended with 180-plus strong mash up. I felt like I was in Glee Club/Pitch Perfect. It was the single most, best team building activity I have ever experienced!!”

Donna Al-amrie, Water Babies


people, Somerset

“Loved it. It didn’t highlight anyone personally and so you could comfortably sing away and not be embarrassed. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a great team activity!”

Jessica Johnson, IEL Employee

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