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Voice & Inspire

Acapella singing team building

Welcome to Voice & Inspire – Natural Voice Accapella Workshops

Voice & inspire workshops are delivered by our natural voice practitioner Celia Webb. These workshops have had phenomenal feedback. Celia is able to inspire anyone to sing. The energy she creates in the room is amazing.

Each workshop creates a non- judgemental, informal and supportive atmosphere in which your teams can bond and begin to breakdown internal barriers.

We use many useful vocal and stress-busting tips which are great for professionals working in voice-heavy industries.

We don’t use any backing tracks and no one has to have any musical experience. It’s not about the singing but about the sound we make together as a group and the experience of working together.

This option is great for those of you who love the idea of singing in the workplace but aren’t yet ready for the high octane of our Sing & inspire options.

Ready for a unique singing team building experience?

Give us a call on 029 2022 9922 or click here to request a quote today:

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Help your team find their voices with a Voice & Inspire team building

Explore our natural voice team bonding workshops below.

Looking for longer workshops? Speak to us about our in-depth voice & singing full and half–day workshops. Call us on 02920 229922.

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Mini Workshop

An intimate workshop focused on getting your team engaging with themselves and each other.

The session begins with a short warm up including professional voice and breath exercises. We then use song to explore harmony and your team will learn to a sing a complete song bringing everyone together on a level playing field. Your team will be surprised at the final outcome and how they can make a beautiful sound simply by working together.

Event lasts for 1 hour and is ideal for teams of 16-30 people.

Book a mini natural voice workshop here

Voice Workshop

Medium Workshop

This is a more in depth session encouraging your team to engage with themselves and each other.

Similar to the mini workshop it begins with a substantial warm up including professional voice and breath exercises centred around Natural Voice techniques. Following the warm up we will use songs to explore harmony which is fantastic for breaking down barriers and cutting across hierarchy. We will end the session by turning your team into a full harmony acapella choir.

Event lasts for 2 hours is ideal for teams of 30-50 people

Request a quote for a medium natural voice team building event here

Voice Day Boot Camp

Large Workshop

This is a snappy large room session where you will learn a glorious acapella harmony song which will quickly bond the room.

This experience encourages everyone in the room to work together and to enjoy the wonderful experience of singing in a group. This is a perfect team building activity to uplift any strategy day, training day, or internal conference

Event lasts for 90 minutes and is ideal for teams of 40-150+ people

To speak to us about our large workshop request a quote here or give us a call on 029 2022 9922

"Buzzing! Love the Celia Webb natural voice singing – I really felt vibrations though out my whole body – healing quality! Can’t believe I can now sing in all those languages! Thank you!"


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