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30th January 2018

3 Fear-Defying Reasons To Try Something New With Your Team

Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”

Face the fear and you will overcome it!

I’m almost certain that some of your team – and maybe even you – when faced with the prospect of doing something ‘outside of their comfort zone’, will be thinking something a bit like this: ‘Why should I think about trying something new anyway, especially when I’m pretty sure (actually I’m 100% sure!) that I won’t enjoy it?’

This, is fear talking.

And fear is the one thing that can prevent us from trying something new.

Firstly, did you know that your mind will always exaggerate the fear element attached to trying something new.

It will desperately try to come up with numerous different scenarios and situations, all of which have the sole purpose of emphasising what could go wrong!

In fact, your unchecked imagination is a known breeding ground for excessive amounts of anxiety.

Let me reassure you, the reality is always something far, far less intense. And from a physiological perspective, something very different happens when you decide to engage in the process of challenging these thoughts and feelings.

What began as a feeling of dread and fear will ultimately transform into a natural high through those incredible feel-good chemicals, the endorphins!

In fact, when you overcome your fear, the amygdala, the part of your brain that actually responds to fear, remains dormant.

This (quite literally) means that if you put your mind to it, everything else will fall into place – when you face your fears you empower yourself and your brain! How amazing is that!

Some level of fear is always present when trying something new. But once you prioritise trying new things, those initial, heightened feelings of dread will ease off.

Think of the feelings as being like one of those little speed bumps you see in the road – a momentary, minor blip that is over as soon as you decide to go over it!

So, why not think outside of your box for your next teambuilding ideas! Try something totally new with them – they’ll thank you for it!

It will change your perspective!

By facing your fears, you not only release those incredible ‘feel good’ chemicals (endorphins), you actually change your perspective too!

Your body and mind will actually be physically and mentally challenged in completely new and stimulating ways.

Physiologically and psychologically speaking, the muscles (body) and neurotransmitters (mind) will be jolted into use! This ‘changed state’ is central and intrinsic to all of our teambuilding activities and offerings here at Inspire Me.

And what’s more, there’s a knock on effect too.

Once your team has taken that first step outside their comfort zone, they will start to break through the monotony of their old routines and even begin to experience a change in their biorhythm – they will be jolted and stimulated into an altogether more rewarding and fulfilling intellectual, emotional and physical state.

I mean, what’s not to like about that! It’s personal development and employee engagement all rolled into one! What better reason to give one of our ‘out of the box’ teambuilding events a try!

Finally, it will change you!

“Confidence is a funny thing. You go out and do the thing you’re most terrified of, and the confidence comes afterwards.” – Christopher Kaminski

You’ve looked fear in the face, you’ve made that decision to press on through despite all of those ‘possible’ situations and scenarios that ‘may’ happen. You then realise that they, in fact, don’t!

You’ve experience that rush of endorphins, that ‘changed’ elevated state and you feel ready to take on the world!

Once your team have experienced one of our Sing & Inspire teambuilding events, they will not have only faced their fears, they will have experience an increased sense of self confidence.

Being bold, getting stick in, making that decision to just ‘do it’ – all these things will instil in them a real and tangible feeling of self worth and achievement.

When you feel more confident you feel more empowered, – it’s a snowball effect. And as your self confidence improves, it will force you to grow.

People don’t grow from doing things that they have always done, the same way they have always done them! We have to take new action to grow. But it’s important to keep reminding ourselves that the changes that we experience are beneficial changes.

Once you make that one, first decision to ‘just do it’ you will find it easier to develop a habit and an attitude that will make you more ready to do it again, and then again, and again.

You become receptive to new ideas, new ways of thinking!

Just imagine that – a team full of employees, all eager, all ready to embrace change!

So, go on, give it a go, try something new today – what have you got to lose? Or more accurately, what have you got to gain?

Thanks for reading!

This blog was written by David Westcott for inspire me.

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