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27th June 2018

Workplace Community: Why It Matters

The Oxford dictionary defines community as,

‘A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common’

As many of us spend over half our waking hours at work and therefore spending more time with our colleagues than our friends and family; surely it is important that we nurture these relationships and ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging?

Happiness in the workplace is becoming far more important than it ever has been. In order to attract great employees and keep them engaged, it is essential you start thinking of your team as a community and not just employees and colleagues.

At Inspire Me, we really cultivate our relationships and make key decisions as a team.

Our opinions all matter and we work together towards a shared vision. Talent is recognised, employee motivation is high and individuals matter. This goes hand in hand with our passion for people and helping them find their voice and place within their own community.

Here are 4 fab reasons why a workplace community will gain you highly engaged employees focused on teamwork and success!

1. A shared vision

A successful community is based on common interests and shared goals. There is no better shared interest than the future of your company.

At Inspire Me, we gather as a team to re-assess our goals and company vision, each member of the team contributes their ideas and they are discussed in an open forum. This allows everyone to feel like they are making a real contribution to the direction of the company.

Your employees are more likely to be committed to an organisation they have played a part in helping it grow.

2. Reduced stress and tension

Any community must work together to resolve conflict, both internally and externally.Through improved communication, trust will grow, team members will support each other and work together through difficult times.

Creating a fun environment is a great way to cultivate these relationships. Some companies may have a chill out area with a TV, pool table, games consoles etc.

The Inspire Me teambuilding offerings and choir engagement programmes are a great way to build and develop these relationships at work, thus improving the sense of community and ultimately having a positive effect on how your people feel and how they perform.

3. Empowerment

In his book, ‘Community: The structure of Belonging’, Peter Block wrote,

“Most sustainable improvements in community occur when citizens discover their own power to act… when citizens stop waiting for professionals or elected leadership to do something, and decide they can reclaim what they have delegated to others” – Peter Block

Whilst leadership is of course needed, the best leaders facilitate change and allow others to help drive it.

To foster a true sense of community in the workplace, leaders must relinquish some power.

Each employee should feel empowered to voice their opinions and believe they have the ability to influence key decisions their company makes.

And finally,

4. Friendship and better connections

As we spend so much time in our place of work it’s of course natural to develop friendships. Community is about relationships, and better relationships certainly make for a better community.

When friendships are fostered and encouraged across the whole business, barriers are broken down and your support network is strengthened.

There are huge benefits to making more authentic, meaningful connections with your colleagues. Increased morale, increased productivity, increased loyalty… the list goes on!

At Inspire Me, we have witnessed businesses flourish when they focus on developing their community and improving connections.

Within our own company, we have formed strong connections with every team member including the business owner. We are all friends who support each other in any way we can, in business and in life.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Stephanie Evans for Inspire Me.

Stephanie Evans | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Stephanie Evans

Choir Motivator

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