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8th June 2021

5 Free Ways to Connect Your Team With Meaningful Team Building

Teambuilding is the perfect way to get teams connected and companies usually choose their annual conferences and team away days to make this happen. How can you keep the positive effects lasting throughout the year? How about topping it up with some soulful experiences?

Sometimes taking the time to allow your teams to truly connect is the simple answer.

Brené Brown sums it up perfectly when she says…

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

So, here are 5 free ways to create some soulful teambuilding…

1. Create a space

You need to change it up. Whether that means getting out of the office or creating a new space within the office or in an online space – it’s all about getting people out of their usual routine. This allows people to think more creatively and be more open.

This could be as simple as taking a walk together or sitting in a local park. If you are in the office, try a space you do not use very often – open the windows wide and let fresh air and sunlight in! Or close the blinds, dim the lights and light some candles. The choice is yours!

2. Change the energy

Again, it’s all about changing it up – changing the routine and preparing people for a different experience. Put some upbeat music on as everyone joins or begin the session with some presence exercises.

Depending on the focus of your teambuilding session – you may want high, positive energy from your people so you could start with a game. Or for calm, focussed energy you could start with some breathing, for example.

3. Challenge people

Think of an activity that will both challenge people and also bringing everyone to the same level. It’s not about talent or job role, it’s about people working together. A perfect, high-energy option could be a treasure hunt or online escape room.

For a more focussed session, why not encourage team members to discuss their favourite qualities in each other – or perhaps what they are most grateful for. This is the best way for people to feel seen, heard and valued – some of the fundamentals in connection as mentioned by Brené Brown earlier. It can really challenge people to open up in a work environment so take your time and be sensitive to how people are feeling.

4. Connect people

Once everyone has worked through the challenge together they are so much more connected. This is where the magic happens. In high energy teambuilding, this part of the event could be as simple as laughing and having fun together. This could involve allowing time after the main activity to socialise and have some drinks.

In focussed teambuilding workshops, which has space to be more emotional and heart-felt, your teams will be more open, honest and responsive. Sometimes this is the right opportunity to address some challenges at work and see how people respond to them in an authentic way. In other situations, it is better to focus on the individuals and how they are feeling.

5. Make it last

How does this type of teambuilding impact your team and your business? If you feel the benefit, why limit it to a few times a year? Could similar activities be done fortnightly or monthly to keep the momentum? Could you find a balance of high energy soulful teambuilding, and calm focussed soulful teambuilding?

When teambuilding lasts for one event you really get to see a snapshot of everyone’s potential. If you continue to provide long term teambuilding activities you really get to see people grow and develop.

So there you have it! 5 free ways to bring soulful teambuilding into your business! Each of these points can work by themselves however if you combine all five – your teambuilding is certain to be soulful!

What approaches to teambuilding do you try with your teams? What takeaways from here are you going to implement?

Written by Patrick Steed former Champion of Excellence for Inspire Me.

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