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11th April 2018

5 Key Focus Points For Building Workplace Trust From The Top Down

Trust. The foundation for all successful relationships, both personal and professional.

Without trust, communication breaks down (if it was there at the start), conversations fail to happen and decision-making is hindered. Although, trust isn’t something that just happens.

Some are very intuitive and would say, ‘I knew I could trust him from the moment I met him!’ Or on the other hand, ‘As soon as I met her I knew she wasn’t to be trusted’.

These are emotional responses to how you connected with someone; by the way they made eye contact with you, by the tone of their voice, by their body language, by the way they opened up and showed vulnerability. Human behaviour.

Understanding human behaviour is key to leading a successful business.

Being able to open up and show your vulnerability within the workplace will help you form more authentic relationships and develop the trust of your colleagues.

Our non-conventional Training Programmes take people one step further than traditional methods and really unlock personal power, helping people to understand how mind-set, behaviour and energy can massively transform their contribution.

In the workplace, trust will be the building block to form better relationships and have more open communication, improved results and greater business success!

Here are 5 key points to focus on when developing trust:

1. Courage

“You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour”- Aristotle

It takes great courage to be a great leader; making bold decisions for the whole business, even though it may not please everyone and having confidence in your people and empowering them.

Letting go of control takes courage. Not shying away from, sometimes difficult, situations and delivering news, sometimes bad, takes courage.

Having courage as a leader inspires courage across the entire workforce. Less fear, more open communication and the ability to deal with change makes for a more successful business.

2. Integrity

Do the right thing for the right reasons. Creating a culture that values integrity immediately builds trust, not just within the business but for the customers too.

A leader with integrity signals good morals, kindness and someone acting with good intentions.

Integral leaders treat people fairly.

Integrity needs to be practised and not just talked about. It needs to influence behaviour across the whole organisation. Your actions need to be consistent with your values.

3. Honesty

Honesty goes hand in hand with integrity. Being truthful, no matter how unpleasant the truth may be.

Equally, leaders shouldn’t be afraid to hear the truth. Employees should have the courage to tell the truth and show vulnerability, knowing their views will be respected.

Great leaders don’t make promises they can’t keep. This might mean they are cautious with their promise-making, but follow through and act with integrity.

4. Consistent

Be consistent in your behaviour, your decision-making and your delivery. Show commitment to your people, your customers, your brand and your values. Inconsistency breeds fear and uncertainty.

All businesses go through change, but if you are consistent and honest in your delivery of information, your people will trust your decisions.

Our Attitudinal Training can give you the confidence you need to deliver information with presence, confidence and authenticity. Consistently reinforcing values and behaviour helps people feel secure and more trusting of their leaders.

5. Supportive

Being a supportive leader means showing empathy and showing a real interest in the individuals and teams within your organisation.

Authenticity is key here as you want to be sincere in your interest.

Stay connected, gather feedback and respond to it.

Encourage open communication amongst teams and make sure everyone stays connected.

You might want to do this with some regular teambuilding. As well as being a great way to cement values, it’s also an amazing way to build trust and break down barriers.

Why not take part in the teambuilding activities too? Inspire Me have some awesome activities that are perfect for everyone, from the top to the bottom!

Understanding people and being supportive of their needs will lead to a greater commitment and longevity of service.

Recognising human behaviour is the key to authentic leadership.

Authenticity as a leader builds trust across the whole of the organisation.

Step into your personal power, be courageous, honest, consistent and supportive and always act with integrity. This will guarantee an engaged, committed workforce and happy customers!

Thank you for reading!

Written by Stephanie Evans for Inspire Me.

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