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10th May 2021

5 Reasons Why Your Remote-Working Business Needs an Online Workplace Choir

It’s more important than ever before for your people to feel connected and engaged with your business. Our passion lies in helping companies achieve a united and inspired workforce using creative online methods.  


Inspire Me has been facilitating workplace choir engagement projects across businesses for over a decade and haa proven, award-winning track record of success. We inspire positive change in organisations and improve metrics including workplace happiness, productivity, motivation and in turn, business results. 


In 2020, office-based businesses had to make the unprecedented and momentous shift in working arrangements as a result of the Covid pandemic. Overnight, we saw the rise of the home worker. As a company who delivers onsite employee engagement programmes to world renown businesses (some being voted the best in the world!), we pivoted our offerings online to ensure remote-working teams reap the benefits whilst working from home. 


Our weekly online workplace choirare a trusted solution for connecting remote-working teams across businesses. Just imagine what a workforce united in song could do for your business! If you want happier, more energised and better-connected colleagues, consider introducing a workplace choir into your organisation.   


It’s more important than ever before for your people to feel connected and engaged with your business. Our passion lies in helping companies achieve a united and inspired workforce using creative online methods.  


Here are 5 reasons why your remote-working business needs an online workplace choir. 


1. Online workplace choirs can improve the happiness and wellbeing of your employees. 


Did you know, singing can be an amazingly effective mood lifterWhen you sing, your body releases endorphins which elevate your mood and boost your happiness levels. When teams sing together these ‘happy hormones’ are released, thus lifting employee morale and helping your people feel amazing during the working week.   


2. Online workplace choirs unite employees from across entire organisations. 


One of our incredible clients is Admiral Insurance. They’ve had a workplace engagement choir with us for over ten years which transitioned online in 2020. Their virtual choir now has the additional value of connecting colleagues across global sites!  


What impact would better-connected employees have on your business? 


3. An online workplace choir can boost your sales. 


A Watson Wyatt study has shown that employee engagement training boosts financial performance four times greater than organisations that have poor engagement. By providing your employees with engaging activities in the working week, you are showing them that their happiness at work matters and that they are intrinsic to the growth and success of your business. Forbes wrote: 


When it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%. 


When workforce engagement is placed at the forefront of your business, it has a ripple effect across an entire organisation. Your staff are motivated to do – and achieve – more when they are invested in your business.   


4. An online workplace choir can boost the productivity of your employees. 


Disengaged employees cost the UK £348 billion a year in absence and unproductivity, meaning employee engagement programmes are vital for reducing staff absence and boosting the productivity of teams 


Members of our workplace choirs report feeling more productive at work as a result of attending online choir sessions.  


We know that investing in employee happiness has a return on investment for your business by improving metrics such as motivation, attrition and productivity. 


5. An online workplace choir can be an engagement solution for your remote-working teams. 


Virtual employee engagement activities need to tick all the right boxes for your business. Whether you’re looking to instil a sense of company pride in your peopleconnect your remote-working teams, elevate your company profile, reach engagement KPIs or inject a sense of fun into the working week, an online workplace choir can help you improve a variety of metrics! 


If you’re considering introducing an online workplace choir into your organisation, heres how it could benefit your business. Online workplace choirs can: 


  • Improve the happiness and wellbeing of your employees 
  • Reduce workforce stress 
  • Boost team morale 
  • Unite a disconnected workforce 
  • Nurture a more positive workforce culture 
  • Provide creative teambuilding solutions for your business 


If you’re ready to take the next step and inspire positive changewe’ll work with you to establish the best workplace choir package for your business  


For more information, please call us on 02920 229922 or email us at hello@andinspireme.com.

Chloe Cooke | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Chloe Cooke

Director of Superchoir and Head of Innovation

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