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4th July 2018

5 Ways to Create the Best Working Environment and Improve Engagement!

How do you make your business the best version of itself?

Inspire Me is an employee engagement company.

Our aim is to make people the best version of themselves. So how do you make your business the best version of itself?

It’s simple, give your people what they need to shine like the stars they are!

I have been with the company nearly 3 years and have seen my fair share of engagement tactics.

It’s amazing how much culture can impact business, so your business personality/brand is instrumental to how people feel and whether they are reaching their potential!

 1) ‘Happy people sell!’

We have all heard it.

Whether your role involves sales or not, we are all responsible for the energy that we choose to bring to our working environment.

Do you know how happy your people are, and if not, why not?

I have worked with companies who survey their people once a year, with questions that are leading to make engagement appear better that it is.

Ask yourself, is this information useful for anything other than PR?

I also work with companies that ask their people how they are feeling every day!

This is a quick and easy way of getting a true gauge of trends in your company, and where your focus should be when it comes to addressing them.

2) Ask them, then respond!

Have you asked your people open questions about what they want or need to do their job better?

Often people want improved communication, more trust, additional flexibility etc. There will also be simple and cheap things that you can do which dramatically improve a person’s day.

For example: fixing a broken microwave or creating additional fridge space.

These things may sound small but can have a huge effect on how people feel on a daily basis.

Sometimes the smallest things can be the most disengaging as they leave the employee feeling undervalued. Imagine the situation.

3) As a leader, be trustworthy, relatable and inspirational!

When it comes to unifying people, having a central figure that they can trust is essential.

This person becomes a personification of the brand so it is essential that they exhibit the brand values. Remember that you are responsible for a huge part of your employees lives.

They rely on you to pay their rent/mortgage, provide for their family etc. Once that trust is gone, it can be impossible to re-build, so cherish it and be as open and honest a human as possible.

As surprising as it may be, leaders need to show their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths.

Get to know your people and allow them to get to know you.

If people feel lead by a real person, like themselves, they will be far more engaged and valuable to the organisation.

Be inspiring, lead from the front, and give them something to aspire to.

4) Be aware of your people’s health!

Despite an enormous amount of cultural and social shifts, human beings haven’t changed much since the cave man days.

We still require food, water and community to thrive and survive.

Think about the food options that you are presenting to your people.

There is a long established culture in office environments to provide/encourage unhealthy, high calorie food. Yes, this is great for giving people a short-term boost, but is terrible if it becomes the norm.

If you provide your people with chocolates, sweets, cakes and biscuits, high caffeine or high sugar drinks etc. you will be encouraging erratic moods and long term health problems.

Think about what you provide in your canteen or vending machines. Do they promote health living?

Also be aware of hydration.

Caffeinated fizzy drinks, tea and coffee also dehydrate you. This can cause headaches, tiredness and dizziness… probably not symptoms you want in your business on a daily basis!

5) Create a community!

If you want people to enjoy coming to work, they need to feel like they are working with their friends!

These bonds don’t happen on their own as many people tend to leave their personality at the door.

This means that as a leader you need to create opportunities and environments in which people can relax and bond on a personal level.

It’s important that these opportunities don’t all involve alcohol as this will isolate some people.

Variety is the answer!

Invest in teambuilding activities that push people out of their comfort zones and initiatives that get people working together on something other than their daily roles.

An example of this is a workplace choir.

Once you have created a community in the workplace you will see a dramatic difference in your people’s productivity and communication skills.

So, there you have it.

5 easy tips to make the place you work more fulfilling and productive!

Remember, every workplace is different so be creative with your thinking.

Thank you for reading!

Philippa Atkins | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Philippa Atkins

Relationship Manifestor & Creator of Joy

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