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25th October 2018

5 Meaningful Ways To Love Your Job

Often the way we talk about work causes us to be negative about our circumstances. I tend to find that when people ask me how work is, they look slightly confused when my response is ‘Great’.

Most of us experience some levels of stress in our day to day working lives, or wish that we could take more holidays etc. However, your attitude to your job is completely dependent on you.

At Inspire Me, we spend a great deal of time looking at culture and wellbeing in various organisations.

It is my firm belief that culture feeds from the top down.

Ultimately, as far as engagement levels in the work place go, the buck stops with senior leadership.

However, you may not be maximizing your ability to become engaged in your working life. So here are some things to consider if you hate your job…

1. Be Grateful

The western world is one of major comparison.

The rise of social media, online advertising and celebrity gossip publications has meant that we all constantly strive for an unattainable ideal.

This is not a new concept.

After all, it is essential for capitalism to work.

We are more prone than ever to feel like an underachiever because of the constant personal broadcasting on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and because of profile matched advertising.

Try taking a step back to focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t!

Congratulate yourself for having a job, as it allows you to afford thing that most of the world don’t have.

If you feel that your skills are in demand and you are feeling underappreciated, why not change your job?

Your ability to choose to work, or choose where to work is empowering. Consider this and feel the strength of the options available to you!

If you do decide to stay in your job for security reasons, be grateful that you are in a position to be financially secure. Focus on all the ways that your job works for you and embrace the fact that you choose to be there.

2. Take Ownership

This is the biggest step change when it comes to attitude.

Own your job and everything that is required of you in your role! This will give you far more satisfaction in your working life.

Own your attitude.

If people treat you a certain way, take some responsibility for it.

Do you allow yourself to be walked all over?

Alternatively, do you shun any extra responsibility, and then act surprised when you are not involved in exciting new projects?

Do you feel totally out of the loop in work? Misunderstood or underappreciated?

Maybe it’s time to try and get more involved in social activities, or make an effort to deepen friendships with colleagues.

Finally, think about how people make you feel and how you want to make others feel.

If you are in a job that is customer-facing (e.g. retail, secretarial, teaching etc.) be aware that you have the ability to influence the way people feel.

3. Be Open

If your company offers you ways to de-stress e.g. workplace choirs, training opportunities, meditation apps etc., then use them!

You might think it would be something you probably wouldn’t like doing or find helpful, but it is always worth giving it a try!

You may surprise yourself with what you enjoy when you approach things with an open mind!

Remember that you are the only person who can decide what your identity is, and your identity only exists in your mind.

If you decide to adopt different characteristics, e.g. outgoing, adventurous, fun loving, then this will be what you become! Sometimes a job change isn’t what you need – a new attitude towards it is all that is required.

4. View Your Job As An Extension Of Your Life

Try to stop separating your time at work and home into two different lives.

Most of us spend around 40 hours every week in work, so it makes no sense to not consider this as your own time.

If your work place offers flexible working hours then why not take them up on it and inject some of your personal life into your working day.

For example, you could perhaps start later a few days a week so that you can spend the morning exercising or seeing friends.

Do not underestimate how much switching things up will affect your mindset! Sometimes the simplest things are all you need.

Finally, take your lunch breaks and use them to get a change of scenery.

Eating at your desk or skipping meals actually lowers your productivity, rather than increasing it. If you can, get some fresh air.

This will do you a world of good!

5. Think About Your “Why”

Even the most mundane of jobs serve a purpose.

These jobs can still have the potential to change how others feel.

If you think about the personal contact points in your role e.g. greeting people, e-mailing or speaking on the phone, you have the ability to make these moments positive or negative.

Making these experiences as positive and as warm as you can, could become your “why”!

Secretaries in schools are a prime example.

I have been at the reception desks of multiple schools, and am always aware of how the receptionist can make you feel. This can be the difference between being made to feel welcome, or unwelcome.

There is a school (that I know well) that has a receptionist who is renowned for being friendly, warm and welcoming. She makes an effort to be inviting to teachers, students and visitors, and as a result, everyone is happy to see her.

Being responsible for your own energy and emanating your positivity makes it far easier to build relationships and bring out the best in others.

You have the power to change the way people feel and use it to make someone’s day – everyday!

Philippa Atkins | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Philippa Atkins

Relationship Manifestor & Creator of Joy

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