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29th March 2021

7 Steps To Employee Motivation With Online Team Building

Always remember that how your people feel completely determines their behaviour. This in turn determines your culture and success.

The right type of online team building can make a world of difference to your employee development and workplace culture.

If executed in the right way, good team building and motivational strategies can be truly impactful to your people and organisation.

Success Magazine blogger, Lee Williams, recently published an article on the key characteristics of a great company culture and said that,

“A company that understands the motivations that drive each individual employee knows the value of active team-building.” – Lee Williams

The notion of team building as a key element of company success is not a new one, but active team building is, especially when you have insight into the drivers of the individuals within your organisation. Think wisely and use this information. When planning your corporate team building activities you might like to follow my top tips for developing successful teams!


1. You get what you pay for so it’s important to do your research and choose wisely.

Ideally you want to choose a company that has great reviews and referrals. The cheapest is absolutely not the best option if you want to entertain a serious talent development journey.

Set your budget before you make the enquires and commit to buying what you can afford. Expect to invest between £50-£150 per head for specialised team building and between £30-£85 per head for a short sharp workshop.

2. Have clarity on what you’d like and what you can spend.

If you are clear about your reasons for and purpose behind having an online team build event it makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for and for team building companies to recommend what will work best for you and your team.

Top Tip – Great team building companies work with your values. Remember if you’re investing money, time and energy into your virtual team event day, make sure it works for you and is relevant in theme to your organisational behaviour.

3. Find an activity which you think really resonates with your team.

This is so important to show them you’ve thought about them and value them. Your people are the backbone and the lifeblood of your brand. Care about them in your decision making especially when it’s about them.


4. Surprise! Give your guys a new experience and push them way out of their comfort zones.

For instance, if you have a tech team consider giving them something creative and high energy to experience. Likewise, if you have a flamboyant sales team, perhaps give them something logical to work through where they concentrate their energy together in a thoughtful way.

Creating an online choir from scratch, or learning a Bollywood dance over Zoom are just two examples of out of the box inclusive activities you can provide.

Above all, your activity needs to be impactful, so choose wisely and be mindful when considering your investment.

5. Don’t be afraid to book the whole organisation to share the experience.

If your operation allows it, never underestimate the power of the shared experience on a mass scale. There are many activities that have the capacity of hundreds of delegates. Team building companies are likely to have premium Zoom which can allow over 200 members into a call at once, so numbers wouldn’t be an issue!

6. You want your guys to feel awesome at the end of the session and wanting more.

Always remember that how your people feel completely determines their behaviour. This in turn determines your culture and success.

Your team need to feel brilliant at the end of their session because this is the magic that they bring back into the workplace. This is when teambuilding crosses over into training and development and becomes more far reaching than just another team building day!

And it’s OK for them to be in awe of you their leader, for choosing such an on-brand, fun activity that they loved.


7. Consider the benefits of long term teambuilding or employee engagement programmes.

Your investment is very likely to scoop an impressive return if you understand that building your team is not just one afternoon of online teambuilding activity.

It’s always worth seeing how your engagement company can support you after your initial event, so don’t be shy in asking the point of sale.

You might be able to negotiate a more favourable long term deal by doing so. A six month programme is usually far more reasonable cost wise than 6 one off activities.

Moreover, entering into a longer relationship with your teambuilding supplier is a complete win-win. Not only do you benefit from potential ROI and all that comes with that, but your supplier gets to really know your culture, your people and your vision so your money will be very well spent going forward.

So the secret to sourcing online teambuilding?

You absolutely have to make sure people feel good, have a great time and build memorable experiences.

Good online teambuilding should give you fantastic return if done well. It should be on brand, on point and represent either a company message or your values. This will translate into better behaviour, better relationships, better remote communication and happier people.

Thanks for reading!

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