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16th October 2015

5 Free Ways To Engage Your Team

It can be challenging to keep spirits high and your team happy on a day to day basis. Particularly during peak seasons as you likely don’t have the time team building activities and reward and recognition activities. We’ve put together a list of free, easy and quick ways to boost energy and change state for a better, more productive working day.

1. Energy

Two hours in a meeting? Or hitting a Friday afternoon slump? Get everyone on their feet and get them moving! One minute of changing things up and re–energizing everyone’s bodies will help to change their mindset and productivity and focus will follow!

2. Presence

With a list of tasks, back to back meetings and your work mobile always ringing it is hard to come into a meeting and completely connect with the people around you. It’s great to get everyone in the moment. Take a few minutes at the start of meeting to change state of your team. Sometimes starting with some deep breathing or even wiggling your toes (to get everyone grounded) is perfect for getting in the zone!

3. Authenticity

It’s really easy to leave the “real you” behind as soon as you put on a suit and walk out of your front door. Often people adopt this behavior as a defense technique to cope with the pressures of a corporate environment. However, it is difficult to engage teams when you are a different version of yourself – especially if key elements of your personality have been stripped away. Connect with your team in a personal and a professional way and have the confidence to show some vulnerability. People find it far easier to connect with a human than a corporate machine, show them the real you!

4. Creativity

Want to add some innovation and creative-thinking into your meetings? How about starting with a creative activity? Sometimes starting with drawing challenge or puzzle is all it takes to prepare your whole team for thinking outside the box! A few minutes of fun can result in a far more productive and enriching meeting.

5. Communication

Communication is a challenge for so many companies. Everyone communicates more effectively in different ways and it is so easy for communication to get lost or be misinterpreted. Experiment with spicing up your communication norms – give the emails a rest and pick up the phone, make a point to visit someone you’ve only met virtually or how about setting up a WhatsApp group so your team can connect on a personal level too.

Written by Patrick Steed for inspire me.


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