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30th October 2018

6 Tips Towards Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

Think of a time when you felt confident, amazing and basically on ‘top form’. Think about how you felt. Now imagine how amazing it would be to have that feeling more often.

First of all, let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with you!

This blog isn’t about changing things about yourself that you like, or that make you your wonderful, individual self.

This blog is about accepting who you are and celebrating your wonderful quirks.

To be more specific, this blog is about how to be you when you are ‘on your game’.

I hope that everyone can remember a time when they felt confident, amazing and basically on ‘top form’. Let’s go back to this time, and decide now that this is the you we want to step back into!

This is the you that you want to embody everyday!

Sometimes this happy, confident, vibrant you existed on your wedding day, or your birthday, or after you climbed a mountain, or got your degree, or maybe on your holiday.

Think about how you felt. Then imagine how amazing it would be to have that feeling more often.

So, how can we achieve this?

Here are 6 simple tips to start you on your way.

1. Take a look at your lifestyle

It amazes me how little we humans think about the food that we eat.

Of course this is a generalisation, there are pockets of people in every walk of life that do, but imagine this!

Imagine hearing that Olympic athletes ate nothing but fast food during their training. Would you be surprised when they didn’t win a medal?

Imagine entering your dog into cruft’s having fed it low quality food and never walking it. Would you be surprised if it didn’t qualify?

We seem to understand that for certain professions, eating, sleeping and exercising well is important, however don’t tend to consider it for others.

Another example is your car. How would it be if you fed your car diluted petrol? If you never cleaned it, MOTed it or serviced it? If you decided against checking the oil and tyre pressure?

Would you be surprised when that car broke down? Or when it didn’t do as many miles to the gallon?

Of course you wouldn’t!

So why do you expect yourself to function without all of the proper care and nutrients?

To be consistently ‘on your game’ you need to feed yourself the right things, sleep for enough time and regularly participate in endorphin creating activities.

This will mean that you can sustain a positive outlook, even when the going gets tough.

People tend to associate eating healthily and exercising regularly with appearance.

If you look at any dieting or gym poster they associate slim with happy. I am suggesting a different approach.

If you don’t eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly, you are not giving your mind the elements it needs to function at its best.

If you work in an office and snack on biscuits, you can expect mood swings triggered by your fluctuating sugar level.

Of course, I am not saying never eat a biscuit, but I am aiming to increase your awareness of what foods that are high in sugar can and will do to your mood.

So if you are suffering from stress, depression, erratic mood swings etc, first take a look at your lifestyle and ask yourself if it is allowing you to be the best version of yourself?

Once you accept the relationship between lifestyle and mood, it becomes easier to make positive choices.

You should of course pat yourself on the back for making positive choices, however once they become habitual you will start to see some stark benefits.

You will also notice that the amount of focus and energy required to maintain these positive changes will go down, as it will have simply become your new and improved lifestyle.

2. Use positive language

Secondly we are going to address the immense power of positive language.

Have you ever considered the fact that the language you use dictates the way in which you are able to think?

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘there just isn’t a word I know to express what I mean’? I imagine it is rare!

However, I often hear bilingual people say, ‘there isn’t really a word for this in English that translates to what I mean.’

This is because we are, to a degree, confined to the boarders of the language that we speak.

I’m sure you have an awareness that there are some words that you use a lot more than others.

These words that you have made your daily vocabulary create the boundaries of your personal mind-set. If you use lots of negative language regularly, you will continue to think negatively.

If you are not allowing positive language into your regular vocabulary, you are not letting positivity to enter your mind. Be aware that there are always multiple ways to respond to a situation.

Choosing a positive response, even in your mind, will allow you to be a more positive person. Again, in time, these choices will become habit, and won’t involve a huge amount of energy and focus to instil.

3. Take deep breaths

Use diaphragmatic breathing! This is when you breathe deeply into your stomach, rather than your chest. This is the way that you will naturally breath when you are calm and relaxed.

If you are not sure what I mean by this, have a look at this Youtube video to talk you through it. Then: practice, practice, practice!

This will give you a far better understanding and awareness of how you breathe in different situations. I’m sure you will start to notice that when you are stressed, your breath naturally moves up to your chest and in effect, exacerbates the problem.

4. Meditate

Once you have established the difference between the types of ways in which you breathe, it’s time to start thinking about meditation.

Like everything we have previously mentioned, you cannot expect to see results immediately.

Mediation is something that you will learn and get better at. Eventually you will be able to calm yourself through breathing within seconds. This will allow you far more control over your moods and stress levels, meaning you can be ‘on your game’ a lot more.

5. Create goals

My penultimate suggestion is to create goals and make positive affirmations.

Having goals (personal, professional or otherwise) will keep you connected to your ‘why’ and your passions.

When it comes to being the best you can be, connecting with goals regularly will help you to instil your positive habits and ultimately feel better!

Learn to take a compliment and make strong positive affirmations. If someone tells you that you are reliable, hardworking etc., realise that you are these things!

Own it, stand in it, and allow it to build your confidence.

6. Have patience

Finally, cut yourself some slack and have patience! Learning to be the best version of yourself on demand takes time. Changing the way, you think is one of the hardest processes a person can go through! Don’t expect everything to change at once!

So, to conclude.

Why waste time not being you at your best? Life is far too short!

Philippa Atkins | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Philippa Atkins

Relationship Manifestor & Creator of Joy

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