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4th November 2016

Slash Employee Sickness & Improve Attendance With A Workplace Choir

One of our telecommunication companies saw an all-time record 50% reduction in sickness and absenteeism in their choir members, equating to a saving of £80,000.

Would you like to reduce sickness and attendance in your organisation?

What if I told you it was possible by introducing some regular alternative team building activities into your office?

Most brands don’t realise how much return a workplace choir can provide them until they take the plunge and invest in one.

We are asked to work alongside our customers for many reasons.

Some want to give back to their charities by using their choirs to raise money and profile for their corporate responsibility partners.

Heightening motivation and morale, connecting people across departments, team bonding and having fun are also popular reasons.

The beauty of a workplace choir is that it works on a wider team and social group level in terms of improving communication, listening skills, group morale and teamwork while at the same time building individuals.

It’s this double impact that really provides a great opportunity for improved behaviours that in turn not only provides a return on investment but far more importantly can really change lives positively.

While we’re super proud of the return we provide for the organisations who buy our engagement choirs, more significant for us are the heartfelt testimonials we receive about improved health.

One of our biggest successes is impacting health and wellbeing positively which in turn actively improves sickness and attrition.

We’ve had many people tell us about how being in a choir has improved their mental health, their anxiety and stress levels.

We’ve even had a few humbling reports from a handful of choristers over the years who have said that singing regularly has helped them with their suicidal feelings and given them a new sense of self-worth and belonging that is so strong, they’ve decided to stick around and cherish their lives more.

Some report taking less medication for their illnesses.

Many tell us their confidence and outlook on life is ‘better’ because of belonging to a group where they feel accepted.

Testimonials like this are amazing for us to hear.

It really feeds our purpose as an organisation and feeds the Inspire Me ‘why’.

Many of our choir members report that since singing regularly they have less winter colds and sore throats.

This is of huge benefit to anyone who speaks a lot in their jobs which is so important.

It’s more than likely that if you were to talk to any established choir, you’ll get very similar life stories.

We know as a nation that choirs are good for us.

We’re a land of choir lovers.

There are over 26,000 choirs in the UK.

Why is community singing such a huge phenomenon?

The honest answer is, it isn’t. We’ve been singing for hundreds of years together.

People feel better when they have a purpose and can make a contribution to something bigger than themselves.

Being part of a community and enjoying the shared experience of working towards and succeeding in something together has massive feel good benefits and ticks our fulfilment needs as people.

For years we have enjoyed the richness of Male Voice choirs, gospel choirs and children’s choirs.

The global phenomenon of TV Shows like Glee and films like ‘Pitch Perfect’ have all recently brought choirs into the media forefront and made it more acceptable to enjoy choral singing again and added a dimension to the more traditional choir.

In recent years wonderful choirs like Only Men Aloud and Only Kids Aloud, the Gareth Malone choirs (Military wives, Sing while you Work, Naked choirs), Rock choir, the London Community Gospel choir and our favourite Choir with No Name are all more accessible to us.

Not to mention of course our very own Superchoir!

Tenovus Sing with Us choirs are run by the charity to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

In 2010 we set up the original pilot choir for them, the ‘Sing for Life ‘choir.

While taking part in a medical research study with Cardiff University school of healthcare studies the following ground breaking results were found:

“Despite being carried out over a relatively short period of time, the evaluation of the pilot study showed that the choir brought about statistically significant improvements in social function, mental health and even a reduction in perceived pain in the choristers. It also reduced depression and anxiety in those that reported suffering from these conditions prior to taking part in the choir”*

Our Inspire Me choirs also have some unique points that make us stand out from the rest in terms of the business results we improve on top of all of the other benefits.

What comes as a revelation to many is that we improve hard-line results such as productivity, sales and Net Promoter Scores as well as customer and employee experience.

In particular, many of our customers have seen wonderful results with improved attendance and sickness because of their workplace choirs.

If you want to find out more about our business results get in touch here.

A leading insurance company we worked with saw an 80% improvement in attendance in choristers.

One of our telecommunication companies saw an all-time record 50% reduction in sickness and absenteeism in their choir members equating to a saving of £80,000!

And perhaps one of the most significant set of results we’ve had is with one of our global outsource contact centre organisations who measured a 10% improvement in attendance in choristers in the first six months.

Due to these results the organisation wisely now measure’s their choir’s key performance results against the rest of their sites to give a more balanced result.

Amazingly, they found that the choir had on average around 3% lower sickness than their colleagues who weren’t involved in the programme.

This is a phenomenal result for us as it completely rubber stamps what we do.

This also means that we know our workplace choir engagement programmes pay for themselves.

People feeling ‘better’ is not a phenomenon with choirs.

People doing better, however, is the key.

We encourage this as everything we do is about culture and behaviour and we weave this into our sessions.

As a person’s self-worth grows their values and mindset are likely to improve leading to better behaviours, leading to better results!

A positive attitude can do wonders for the body and confidence.

It’s no wonder a return on investment is easily measurable as a by-product of singing weekly in a workplace inspire choir.

So if you need to improve attendance in your department or business, perhaps consider a workplace choir.

There are multiple benefits not least having a happier healthier workplace.

Check out our workplace inspire choir engagement programmes and if you’d like to have a chat, give us a call on +44 (0)2920 229922.



Andrea Callanan | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Andrea Callanan

Founder & Inspirational Diva

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