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5th January 2017

How to Supercharge your Employee Development Plan In 5 Steps

I’ve no doubt, you serve your external customers with great customer service. But let me ask you – are you serving your internal customers?

We often approach the New Year with renewed energy and vigour. It’s also typically when we start vigorously planning.

The first two weeks of January at Inspire Me HQ is filled with strategy, mapping, planning and forecasting.

We look at all aspects of the business and take stock.

This also includes planning in our people strategies. These include our forthcoming team building activities, training workshops, personal growth opportunities and talent development within the workplace.

When it comes to creating your people plan, this blog may offer you a slightly different approach.

Here’s the game changing question… How do you feel about work?

Reflection is always useful before diving into any reviewing or planning, especially if you may be making some changes.

Take 5 minutes to think over the year you’ve just been through.

Think of all your customers, your relationships, your team, how the business has fared financially, all the change, challenges and joys.

Then check out how you feel about your business year.

How you feel about the year and indeed your business, is potentially one of the most overlooked ingredients to planning and making change going forward.

Addressing how you feel at work is uber important.

Presence and self-awareness in the workplace is one of the essential keys to enjoyment and ownership.

This completely transforms your bottom line.

Feeling happy at work is worthwhile – not just some fluffy notion brought to us by touchy-feely people.

How we feel dictates our behaviour.

Moreover, our emotional gauge at work is often based on how well or badly our relationships have been with our customers and colleagues.

Therefore, investing in your people engagement strategy for 2017 is essential for success. And checking in with how you feel about all aspects of your business strategy is incredibly useful.

Since I’m an engagement and people specialist, here are my top 5 people areas for you to consider in your engagement programme.

1. Start with Why

Exploring and reengaging with your mission and vision, and seeing if your people (and you) are aligned with this purpose, is absolutely fundamental in your organisation’s people success.

Simon Sinek’s revolutionary book ‘Start with Why’ is a must for inspireMe team members. When you drift from your purpose because of circumstance, challenges or unexpected opportunities, you can be sure there will be trouble ahead.

Refer to your ‘why’ as a constant practice, and remind yourself, and others, your reason for engaging with your customers and each other as often as you can.

2. Communication

Nearly all discord and harmony within the workplace stems from communication and how people interact with each other during varying circumstances.

Check out Inspire Me Training where we support workforces on change, communication, fear and leadership.

If you feel we can support you, get in touch for a no obligation chat to see if we’re a good fit for you.

If you haven’t already, you can also sign up to our newsletter on our website and receive my free of charge audio E-Book as a thank you!

“15 Essential ways to Engage your team with communication and get results within 30 days” is a great resource for assessing and overhauling how you and your people communicate this year.

3. Serve Your Team

Ok – so this is tricky one. Does your team begin with servitude? If you’re reading this blog, its apparent that you have a team and you have customers.

Regardless of your sector, that means you are in the business of servitude.

I’ve no doubt, you serve your external customers with your great customer service. But let me ask you – are you serving your internal customers?

Your internal customers, or your employees, are the backbone of your business.

At Inspire Me we advocate that as a leader you have a responsibility to engage with servant leadership to support your team with whatever they need to aid productivity and efficiency.

Even though there’s a hard-line outcome for servitude, the route to this is by people feeling valued, trusted, respected and as if they are contributing. Contact us to find out more.

4. Take Action

Make sure you get your plan together and use it! Taking action makes all the difference in whether you succeed or not. Obvious, right?

Well, this is obvious, but when we start to firefight and get on with our daily tasks, plans and strategies often sit unfinished to complete later.

All too often they never become living documents within your organisation. Unless you have a plan, you can’t be consistent, you will lose focus and its highly unlikely you’ll have clarity. All of which are killers for your business.

5. Crave Clarity

Once you have your strategies and plans completed, you can implement them.

People feel so much more at ease when there’s a plan in place.

They feel even safer when that plan is communicated effectively and particularly when there is clarity.

I’ve learnt from bitter experience that clarity can erode quicker than ice-cream melting unless you keep an eye on it.

Clarity and simplicity are king when executing a plan.

Keep it simple and crystal clear and you’ll have a head start in leading your ship through any waters that may be ahead, stormy or calm.

Of course, I’ve just scratched the surface on what you can do to supercharge your employee development plan. These five tips will certainly set you on the right path, if you’re interested in going deeper – let us know!

Do get in touch if we can support you on your journey. You’re welcome to check out Inspire Me Training and Teambuilding to see if anything takes your fancy too.


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