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16th March 2018

Influence Success by How You ‘Show Up’ at Work

Understanding that you influence those around you with your energy, your mood, your appearance and how you communicate is key to realising that you can choose ‘how to show up’ at work.

The phrase ‘how you show up’ is fast becoming one of my key training subjects from our Inspire Me training suite, especially for leadership development.

I’ve recently completed some Team Leader training for two of our global clients. Both sets of training featured the question, ‘How do you choose to show up?’.

Note that I’m not referring to how you dress or whether you’ve had a shower before you go into work, although this is part of it.

Highlighting that you are influential simply because you are visible is a fascinating concept for many employees who aren’t being self-aware.

Understanding that you influence those around you with your energy, your mood, your appearance and how you communicate is key to realising that you can choose how you show up.

Especially considering that most of what people pick up from how we communicate is with our body language.

Consider these questions.

Are you consistent in how you appear to others?

If you’re not, this could indicate that people don’t know where they stand with you and are reluctant to approach you.

Are you positive in how you show up?

If you’re frustrated, fed up, confused or disengaged, people will see and feel this, even if you think you’re hiding it well.

Are you aware that you’re a mirror?

If you’re a leader especially, people will reflect your behaviour even if you are putting a mask on in attempt to hide your true feelings.

Have you ever noticed how behaviour types attract each other?

‘Birds of a feather stick together.’

Poorly people hang around with other poorly people – the same with angry, disengaged and lazy people.

The good news is that productive, engaged and dynamic people often stick together too.

Remember that behaviour breeds behaviour, in all communities, inside and outside if work. So, if you want to be the type of person who is surrounded by positivity, make sure you align this with how you show up.

Do you know how to change your state?

Being authentic with how you feel and noticing how this is affecting your behaviour and energy is the first step to understanding that you have control over how you show up.

Getting yourself present and in the moment, will give you the mindful approach you need to self-assess. You can then change things up or down if you need to according to your circumstances.

My 5 key strategies for changing state are:


Have a laugh with someone. Watch a funny video. Remember something funny. Try smiling, even if you don’t feel like it. You’ll be amazed at how this can change your mood instantly.


When someone is in a state of gratitude it completely changes their state. Carry pictures of loved ones, or make a gratitude list and use it when you feel like you need to shift your perspective.


Music is my favourite state changer. I play loud music which vibrates through my body to give me energy and get me into state for the working day.


Deep breathing slows the body down and oxygenates your brain and blood stream, instantly making you present and more clear headed. Particularly great for changing your state if you’re scared about something.


Drink some water or eat something. Stand up if you’re sitting down. Walk across the room. Jump up and down. Go and do some exercise. Have a dance or simply adjust your posture.

Anything that is different from what you were doing will change your state physically which is a great starting point to getting present and changing how you feel.

Finally, if we can support you in anyway with your talent development, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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