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18th August 2016

Key Secrets to Boost Your Energy and Live a Positive Life

We love energy. It’s one of our values, it’s how we roll and it’s reflected in everything we do. We often get asked how we can have so much energy – so here are some tips to boost your energy and live a positive life.

Benjamin Frankin said,

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Let’s sort out our energy and then get conquering!

States of Energy

There are lots of different types of energy and having an understanding of them can help you change your energy.

Focus, presence and rest are equally as important as supercharged, high energy.

Patsy Rodenburg, a celebrated acting coach, public speaker and writer, focuses on Three Circles of Energy. These are..

1. First Circle

Where energy moves back towards the individual.

It is a state we commonly recharge in (such as watching TV or reading a book) or the state in which we might reflect on the past.

If this energy continues into our interactions with others – individuals will find their voices are weak, appearance hunched/withdrawn and breath is shallow.

Often these people are overlooked or ignored as it is hard to establish a connection.

2. Second Circle

This is pure presence. Connection. This could be a connection with other people, with yourself, with your surroundings, activity or an object.

This is the best state to spend the majority of your time in. It’s where the magic happens!

It’s true authenticity and it involves the movement of energy rather than it moving in one direction.

3. Third Circle

This is the polar opposite to first circle.

It is when energy only moves outwards from an individual. It can be mistaken for having high energy however it is also overbearing and too dominant. Loud voice. Erratic gesticulating. Already in the next conversation before finishing the first one.

Awareness of which state you are in is key.

Presence (the second circle) is the best state to be in however you may need to dip into the others for certain situations.

Your body is a temple

This is super obvious. You’ll know all this already however it’s so important I had to include it – it plays a big part in your energy!

Look after your body. Exercise. Eat well. Get plenty of sleep. Drink plenty of water. You know the drill.

It makes such a massive difference to your health and your energy.

Your physical energy may be different depending on any of these factors on any given day.

Is it more important to get rest or exercise right now? Listen to your body and you’ll work out the answer.

Change it up!

Many people believe their energy is outside of their control.

Sometimes it is important to listen to current energy levels and respect it. Other times it is important to change it up and get your energy to where you want it to be.

The expression ‘I woke up on the wrong side of bed’ doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you wake up in a bad mood, then choose to change it to a good mood. Put on your favourite music and dance. Write down five things you are super grateful for. Go for a run. Listen to some comedy. Phone up your best friend.

Be the person you want to be. Respect yourself and those around your best version.

What you give out, you get back

It sounds like karma – and it is!

If you live life with positive energy you’ll get positive energy back. Smiling at people. Wishing everyone a good morning. Being kind. Approaching projects with enthusiasm. Trusting your team. Being a good friend.

Imagine if everyone treated you in the same way. What you give out, you get back!

Your Energy Shield

Keeping a positive energy whilst others around you are negative is hard work.

Energy vampires. Drains. Dementors.

There are two ways to counter-balance this.

Firstly, imagine a force field around you. A positivity shield. Let all negativity bounce off the shield and not impact you directly.

Secondly, surround yourself with more positive people. It makes life so much easier!

Words have power

The words we say and the thoughts we think shape our reality. Choose your words and your thoughts carefully.

Here are 2 easy, simple tips you can use to change to mindset and energy…

1. Supersize your adjectives

Change good to amazing. Change alright to brilliant. Change okay to fantastic! Supersized adjectives have a brilliant energy.

They feel wonderful to say and energising to listen to. Add them to your lexicon today.

2. Find the positive equivalent

Your friend texts to say they are running late for your coffee date. Do you say…

‘No worries. Don’t rush. Can’t wait to see you.x’


‘All good. Take your time. Super excited to catch up!x’

Option 1 is putting these words into your friend’s mind – worries, rush, can’t, no, don’t

Option 2 is putting these words into your friend’s mind – good, time, all, super, good, excited, up

It may be subliminal however it makes a big difference. Both messages contain the same information however one is filled with negative words and one is filled with positive words.

So there you go!

A few tips and ideas to put into practice. Which are you going to start today? Which resonate with you the most? Do you have other ideas that may help people with their energy?

Let us know in the comments below and have a super-energised, positive day!

Written by Patrick Steed for Inspire Me.

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