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5th April 2021

Loving Your Working Space

Aesthetic can help to improve productivity, however comfort is the primary focus for ensuring you can feel as engaged as possible during the working day!

The importance of employee motivation can’t be underestimated. A key element of the relationship between motivation and performance management is how contented you feel in your working space. One of the perks of working from home is an ability to create the working space you want. No longer restricted by the office equipment, this is your opportunity to create a workstation where you can feel as motivated as possible! However, many of these tips can also be applied to your desk at the office as well!


So what motivates people to work? Motivation in the workplace comes naturally when in the office, however in order to remain as productive as possible while remote working, it’s important that you are comfortable. After all, you’ll be remaining in your working space for several hours at a time. Aesthetic can help to improve productivity, however in terms of how to improve motivation, being in a comfortable environment is so important.



Having a comfortable chair for the working day is a huge priority, considering the number of hours spent in it! Having suitable back support is important for reducing the chances of back pain as you work, and a soft material such as leather can provide additional comfort. I personally find it is good to use a chair that has an adjustable height, because you can tailer it to however you feel best. However, if a chair like that is not available, any chair with a back support should be more appropriate for the working day.



A desk is also important to be an appropriate height. Most desks aren’t adjustable so if you are purchasing one, make sure you have tried it and you feel happy with the height, considering your chair into this. Generally, any table should be appropriate for your working, however there are obvious perks to having a working space to yourself.



If possible, find a room in the house that you feel comfortable in, that you know you won’t be disturbed. This could be your bedroom (this is where I work!) or a personal study or office if you have one. If you don’t have a room where you can work alone, ensure you have enough space around you to feel comfortable to work as you would if in the office.



Natural light is KEY to helping you feel more positive during the working day! I personally love working directly next to my window because it bring in so much natural light. This helps me feel happier as I’m working. If working with a room with plenty of natural light is difficult, try choosing softer lighting to ensure your eyes aren’t straining.



Try and make sure you have a tidy area around where you work. No one feels comfortable working around mess. If you maintain a comfortable area around your desk, you are more likely to feel happier at your workstation. Vacuum clean the floor regularly around your desk space and wipe your desk so it does not maintain dust.



Now for my favourite part! Having some decorative elements surrounding your working space can help you to feel at home, because it is how you have created it. Here are some suggestions as to what you could feature around your working space!

  • Wall posters/art

These can add a creative feel to your space, and motivational quote can help to drive you to produce the best work possible during the working day

  • Plants

These literally bring life to your working space! Having some indoor plants around your workstation can really bring some essense to your work station! I’ve got a beautiful rose from my wonderful colleagues here at Inspire Me. It has done wonders for brightening up my environment.

  • Incense/Wax melter

Having a safe way of producing a pleasant scent can make your work environment feel fresher. I personally find that the pleasant scent of my wax draws me to my workstation!

  • Photos

Having photos of loved ones can provide some much needed motivation while you work from home. It can remind you of how much fun you wil have when you can see each other again.

  • Work ornament

Add some personality to your workstation! Ornaments are a great way to display your external interests and maintain happiness while you work. I’ve got a little toy hippo on my desk! What would you want to display?



These are just some of my suggestions that have helped me to feel more comfortable working from home! We’d love to hear what suggestions you have implemented, so Tweet us with what you’ve used!


Thank you for reading

Written by

Rose Baker

Apprentice Digital Communications Support Flower

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