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9th March 2021

4 Ways to Master Engagement Amongst Your Team

By placing employee engagement at the heart of every business strategy, plan and decision, you can guarantee these behaviours will become aligned with where you want your business to be.

Here at Inspire Me, we are lucky enough to be involved in the game changing period of time that large companies dedicate to focussing in on their employees.

No matter what field you’re in, if you make the business about the people in it, the results will naturally fall into place on their own.

For many years, we have been guiding our clients to improve their company’s performance through employee engagement.

We know that no two businesses are the same – they have different cultures, missions, values and are all going through different types of change.

This is why we believe engagement needs to be tailored for each individual organisation.

Of course, it’s the employees who ultimately make all of this happen – employees are a company’s most important asset and how employees behave every day is absolutely vital to the success of any business.

Many companies are still only measuring what their employees think when what really matters is what employees do.

Are they showing the types of behaviours that can deliver your business outcomes, supporting your brand and building trust in your business?

By placing employee engagement at the heart of every business strategy, plan and decision, you can guarantee these behaviours will become aligned with where you want your business to be.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Scrap your old employee engagement survey!

Chances are this is the same survey you’ve been sending out for years.

It’s generic, it’s dated, it doesn’t ask questions that are specific to your business and strategy and it doesn’t tell you whether employees are doing what’s needed to deliver your business outcomes.

Why waste time getting them to fill out something they might not be able to relate to, when instead you could be giving them a call and asking, “how are things going?”

2. Show recognition and give rewards

For employees to be motivated to give their best, they need to know their efforts will be noticed.

Regularly thanking them for their efforts shows your awareness of their hard work and provides encouragement for them to boost their performance.

Make the time to celebrate accomplishments, rewarding and recognising employees in ways that are meaningful to them.

Whilst competitive pay and good benefits are key motivating factors, providing incentives for higher performance gives employees something extra to strive for.

3. Involve your employees and ask for their advice

Employees are at the sharp end of your business. They know what will work and what won’t. Unfortunately, it’s far from unusual to see employees becoming disconnected from their workplace when they hear thoughtless ideas from the top.

Stop wasting time! Speak to your people first hand and find out from them which ideas work and which don’t.

As soon as they become a part of this process and see you taking their advice on board, you can guarantee they are going to feeling so much more valued and committed to the business.

4. Get your people involved with a kick-ass engagement project!

There’s a never-ending list of reasons why investing in the right type of employee engagement will improve all aspects of your business in the long run. Engaged employees are happier and are more motivated to work harder for you.

If all (or most) of your employees are engaged, think of the possibilities in terms of innovation and collaboration!

Our online workplace choirs are our most popular employee engagement programmes.

We support our clients to set up their very own virtual workplace choir, creating opportunities for their remote-working people to connect with their work, colleagues, leaders and the business as a whole.

The Sunday Times 2017 Best 100 Companies list was published last week, and we are chuffed (but also, not surprised!) to see how many of the companies we’ve been working with have made it onto these lists.

We’ve been running an Inspire Choir with Admiral Insurance, number 2 on Sunday Times’ 30 Best Big Companies To Work For list, for seven years (we’re thrilled to have moved their weekly workplace choir online whilst employees are working from home!):

Henry Engelhardt, former CEO Admiral Group Plc, said:

“It’s not obvious that if you employ Inspire Me and run a choir or singing group of some sort that you’re going to have better business, but believe me, it works”

You need to know if your engagement programmes are having the desired effect. Treat these measures as you would your most important business metrics.

Employees know that you measure what’s important to you so show them that this is every bit as important as your financial results.

Just because you are incorporating an employee engagement activity of some kind, it doesn’t have to be disruptive to the workday.

Employee engagement is an untapped advantage that any company can have, it opens many doors to make for a happier workplace, so why not instil something new in your business today!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Emily Tonks | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Emily Tonks

Choir Motivator & Glitter DJ

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