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7th March 2018

Music in Work: Why is Music so Impactful for Team Building?

Choirs and drumming groups can have a lot of synergy with business. After all, both require people in individual roles to support each other to produce an incredible result.

Music is powerful. It’s been used for thousands and thousands of years to bring people together. The way in which our bodies respond to music and the psychological impact it has on our brain is fascinating.

Through Sing & Inspire, we’ve been facilitating singing team builds for eight years. We’ve seen it, bond teams, create cultural change and raise the energy of people to stratospheric heights.

This year we launched Rhythm & Inspire – team building with drumming, and it’s phenomenal! It’s like bringing a Brazilian Carnival into work with the energy and good vibes it inspires.

So, singing and drumming are both excellent forms of team building. Let’s explore why music is so impactful for building teams…

Social Connection

It’s interesting to look at how music has evolved as part of our culture through the years.

Until the invention of recorded sound, music could only be experienced live, whether this be through churches, pubs, working communities or rites of passage (births, weddings and funerals).

This means we are socially conditioned to associate music with people coming together. It connects people.

We now have the ability to experience music on an individual basis such as putting in our headphones and going for a run.

However, people are still pulled towards live music experiences: be it seeing your favourite band live or going to a club on Friday night and dancing with friends.


Singing is proven to release endorphins (pleasure chemicals, such as Oxytocin) into your body. The same happens when we co-ordinate our movement with groups of people – an action that happens through dancing to music or drumming in time with each other.

When we sing or drum with a group of people – our bodies start to synch. Our heart beats adjust and start to beat in time with the music… and each other!

When we sing the same note our body resonates at the same frequency. For example, ‘middle C’ resonates at just over 261 Hz and therefore, we experience corresponding vibrations in our body.

The magic really happens when we harmonise with others (singing different notes that complement each other at the same time). It sounds great and our bodies are all vibrating at frequencies that are in alignment with each other.


Our mind is attracted to sounds or rhythms that are pleasing. In order to layer rhythms on top of each other or harmonise with each other it requires coordination.

It is proven that we feel closer and more connected with people who are helping us to achieve this. Therefore, if we are drumming in time or singing the same note as a group of people we are “in synch” with each other and can’t help but enjoy the company.

The same happens if we create rhythms or sing notes that complement others in the group. We feel detached from groups operating in a different beat or with different frequencies or vibrations.


It’s official – more people are scared of singing than they are of sharks (personally, I’m more afraid of sharks)!

Our team building often challenges people to step massively outside of their comfort zone. When we achieve goals together, we feel closer to the people we experience them with. It’s all about the journey and the people you go on that journey with.


Music is perfect for uniting people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

With organisations that may work in silos (when the sales team may not connect with customer service department, for example), this is the perfect way to get everyone mixed up together.

Similarly, the CEO of the company and a new employee who has been with the company a few weeks can be side by side using their voices or drum sticks in the same way, irrelevant of hieratical structure.


Many of the companies we work with love how music can become the perfect metaphor for their business.

Choirs and drumming groups can have a lot of synergy with business. After all, both require people in individual roles to support each other to produce an incredible result.

Also, it’s a great way to deliver a message and for people to experience it.

If your company message is: “Let’s break down the silos between departments and work as one team” – what better way to do that than getting everyone to make that happen in 90 minutes, taking on a challenge that seems impossible and making it possible.


People need to have fun. The more we laugh, joke and celebrate together – the stronger the bond between us will feel after experiencing these things together.

We recently experienced feedback from a Sing & Inspire team build. An employee had said to his manager “the experience was his most enjoyable in 30 years working with us.”

You can’t put a price on the value and engagement level that it brings.

Wow! We seem to have covered the impact of music team building from every angle!

Have a great day and thank you for reading.

Written by Patrick Steed for Inspire Me.

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