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27th October 2016

Problem With Turnover? Here’s How To Help Your People Stay

Create a culture of transparent and open communication between front line employees and leaders.

Turnover can at times be healthy for a business as you get new talent and personalities in, but it’s only positive if it’s minimal and if your leavers are leaving for the right reasons.

This isn’t usually the case for most organisations, particularly those in the food service and retail industries who have some of the highest turnover rates. Contact centres are also widely known to suffer from this.

So how do you reduce turnover and attrition rates in your organisation? Focus on making your people happy and giving them reasons to stay with you. Here’s how..

Start with recruitment

The first thing you should be doing to increase retention is to ensure that you are hiring the right people for the right roles. Take time to review your recruitment processes and needs to ensure that you are getting people with the right attitude through the door.

At the same time you need to place people in the relevant roles aligned to their talent. Find your top performers in your existing workforce, speak to them and figure out what makes them good at their job and what common traits they have. This will help to identify specific things to look for in your new candidates so that when you hire them you will be giving them the best opportunity to really shine. That way they can align with your company purpose. Furthermore this exercise might highlight training needs for your existing talent.

For more recruitment tips take a look at one of my previous blogs on how to hire your tribe here.

Build your culture

The culture of your organisation can be the differentiating factor by which people choose to work for you over another competitor in your industry.

Culture determines behaviour. You’ve already got an organisational culture whether you’ve defined it or not. There is a pattern of repeated behaviour within the organisation. There’s also a lot to be said here about the feeling, the ‘juice’ within your business. So how do you build your culture?

Start with purpose. I was at the engage by design conference recently and this was a reoccurring theme throughout the day. Purpose.

Align your people with your company purpose. Help them link their own individual purpose with your company’s purpose and values. That will get people on the bus with you and help improve your employee engagement massively and as a result reduce your turnover rates. Encourage the right behaviours and take steps to make your organisation a dynamic, fun and wonderful workplace to thrive in.

Be open and transparent with your communication

Create a culture of transparent and open communication between front line employees and leaders. Even when it’s bad news most people prefer to be in the loop as you are then giving them a chance to choose how to respond or communicate. Encourage everyone to be open about how they feel which will make it easier to have tough conversations when needed while also building a work community and fostering friendships at work.

You also need to work on improving the senior-middle management divide (if there is one). Middle managers usually have a better understanding of the reality of the day to day operations, how people really feel, what the real issues are and what can be done to improve them but this is often overlooked by senior leadership. Encourage open and honest communication across every level in the organisation and build stronger relationships.

For more tips and solutions to improve communication internally download a free copy of our audio book ‘15 Essential Ways to Engage Your Team With Communication And See Results Within 30 Days’.

Get the right tools in place

Arm your people with the tools, systems and processes they need to do their job effectively. You should invest in systems and software that will make things simpler not more complicated.

I once worked in a contact centre and I can tell you that one of the most frustrating things I faced was when there were technical difficulties with the systems so they kept crashing meaning you couldn’t do your job. At the same time you couldn’t be creative with your time and do something else more productive because you were restricted to that one role.

There were also times when we were understaffed. This meant that you were under immense pressure to get call handling time down therefore losing focus on serving your customer and you were lucky if you got a 2 minute relief break. Not fun.

Provide systems, software and procedures that work for your people and customers. Make it easy for your team to do their jobs and provide excellent customer service. Are cross train your teams so they are multi skilled and can out dead time to good use in other areas of your business.

Provide challenges and opportunity for personal development

A huge motivator for most people (especially your high achievers) is personal development. People want to learn new skills, feel challenged and have a bit of variety in what they do. Give your people the opportunity to develop and learn new skills. It will improve their efficiency and productivity and keep them motivated to do and learn more.

Your own people (team leaders, trainers) can often provide training courses in-house simply sharing the knowledge they already have.

Sometimes your employees may need or want to develop their soft skills, such as how to be an authentic leader, how to embrace their personal power, how to deal with conflict, how to present like a rockstar. Or It may be that they need support to improve their confidence or use their voice more effectively. Often there are already people within your organisation who can provide this support. And if there aren’t then find a supplier who does. At inspireMe we provide courses on the above and more. Find the course you need here.

Encourage connection

Get your people connecting. Encourage friendships and banter at work. Give them time to understand the wealth of personalities on their team. Give your people space to connect with each other. It reduces disagreements, it increases productivity and most importantly it creates a community.

The best way to do this is to create shared experiences whether that’s an incredible day of team building, company chatter and vision mapping or whether it’s a social. Your employees create lasting memories, they’ll feel connected instead of isolated and they will love being part of a network that supports and nourishes them.



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Invest in Employee Engagement

Does your office need a catch-up with company culture? What employee engagement can you introduce to the workplace?

What employee engagement can you introduce to the workplace?

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