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25th April 2018

Revolutionise Team Engagement & Define Your Brand Values in One Hit

Your brand values dictate your culture which is totally about behaviour. As individuals, our behaviour is determined by our thoughts and belief system. If you’re smart as an employer, you can tap into the best of your team by recognising this and using it to your advantage.

This blog is adapted from chapter 11 of my eBook, “15 Essential Ways to Engage Your Team with Communication….”

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Sir Richard Branson said,

“give people what they need and they will be loyal and work hard for you.”

One of the essential ways you must support your team is by providing clarity. People need clarity around every aspect of their job

While it’s the norm that clarity is given over processes, systems and product knowledge, people often underestimate the importance of providing clarity over behaviour expectations.

So how does this link to your brand values?

Your brand values dictate your culture which is totally about behaviour. As individuals, our behaviour is determined by our thoughts and belief system. If you’re smart as an employer, you can tap into the best of your team by recognising this and using it to your advantage. You will need a clear vision, mission and aligned values to get the best from your people.

This blog focuses primarily on values, check back to see posts around vision and mission later.

Behaviour takes months, sometimes years, to change and instil so you’d best get a wriggle on and establish as a team how you want to function and feel at work.

If you haven’t already got some company values, it’s a great idea to create some. If you’ve already got your values in place, this is a great opportunity to really explore them and find out what they mean to you and your team.

Remember that values are verbs. Values are doing words. So, work out how your brand values are telling you to behave. What are they requiring you to do to ensure you’re on brand?

Try this exercise:

Get your people talking by creating your company brand values together.  Not only are you practicing communication but you’ll also be encouraging listening and problem solving together.

If you already have your values in place, your task is to explore them and work out what they look like as doing words.

If you work in a larger company where you have no input over your brand value creation your task is to explore the existing values. Discuss whether you resonate with them (or not) and create your own team values in alignment with those existing company values.

To complete these tasks (whichever category you fit into) take the following steps

a)      Buzz session what is important behaviour to each of your team members.

This should be a creative process with free, open discussion. Allow no more than 40 minutes for this process.

Your team will need to work as a group with a facilitator. You can see now why the former tasks need to be in place before you can let loose with this one.

b)     Once you’ve completed task a), you’ll need to boil down these behaviours into words or sentences that concisely reflect your teams chosen behaviours.

There are no rules with this, some organisations have a traditional 3 or 4 brand values, whilst others like us at Inspire Me follow the Zappos model – we currently have 12 values. Soon to be reviewed I might add.

c)      Once you’ve completed this step you’ll need to revisit your original behaviours from step a) and make sure your values now mean something.

You should now have a set of brand values that indicate which behaviours are on brand for your team.

This now means you can have accountability for on and off-brand behaviours.

Your team can now work together and with your customers in a more consistent manner that resonates with them.

Most on-brand behaviours across the board are to do with doing well.

You’ll often find words and phrases such as respect, authenticity, teamwork, support one another, be creative etc. Nearly all brand values touch on communication.

By enlisting your team to complete this task you will have engaged them in a meaningful way which should have long lasting impact.

This a great team building activity. Your team will have had a say and a choice in how they interact and behave with one another, and what’s more it’s all based on their own personal values as a group of people.

This is outrageously powerful talent development.

It hits both the hearts and minds of your people and in my opinion this is one of the most engaging forms of communication you have as a leader.

Not only will you have encouraged a variety of interactive methods to complete this exercise but you will have taken your guys through a process which explores why they behave in certain ways.

More importantly you will have identified how your people feel they should operate as a team moving forward.

When you have captured both hearts and minds of your team, that’s when they become more aligned and the magic happens. This is potent as employee motivation.

The harmony you might create within your team by taking on board these tips might just be the ticket to better productivity, less sickness and improved attrition.

We’re here to support you in establishing and communicating your brand values, so do email us if you resonate with what you’ve read today.

We offer consultancy, staff training and development and  a variety of teambuilding activities to support your aligned culture.

We’d also love to hear about your journey with your people in living your values, thanks for reading.

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