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18th October 2017

Corporate Teambuilding: Expectation vs. Reality

I couldn’t believe the difference in people after just 40 minutes – everybody was engaged, motivated and sounding incredible!

Here at Inspire Me, we have an amazing variety of teambuilding activities, all bespoke to your company’s needs.

Sometimes clients can be wary when it comes to considering one of our out-of-the-box activities, especially when they hear ‘singing’. They often say, “I can’t sing” or “I’m not sure my team would enjoy singing”.

Event organisers may initially feel nervous about their team’s reaction to singing (“would they be too far out of their comfort zones?”), but we’ve had such fantastic feedback from many event planners saying their teams have loved the experience, that they needn’t worry!

A Sing & Inspire team build is a great way to break up a conference (keeping everyone engaged) and to enforce values.

Need more reassurance? Here’s what Steve Dimmick, Co-Founder of Doopoll, had to say about a Sing & Inspire teambuilding event:


“Your session was super awesome. For shame, I’m a little sceptical of these types of things, but you’re infectiously positive and soon enough, I was singing along and giggling as I struggled to sing to eight etc. Genuinely, it was one of the best things like that I’ve ever seen. So much so, I was distracted from running the Doopoll!” – Steve Dimmick

Before working with Inspire Me, I had never experienced a teambuilding event or an energiser, and I must admit, at first I, too, was sceptical. I couldn’t see how a small team would be able to change people’s states and energy in such a short period of time.

In my first week with the company, I went along to a teambuilding event for 200+ people and it was such an amazing experience!

I couldn’t believe the difference in people after just 40 minutes – everybody was engaged, motivated and sounding incredible! I now rave to anyone and everyone, encouraging businesses to experience a teambuilding offering that will really connect their team.


Our Sing & Inspire team build is far more than just singing; it’s about making people feel amazing by shifting energy and releasing endorphins, the ‘happy hormones’! Singing can be an amazingly effective mood-lifter.

If you’re having a bit of a stressful day, a sing through one of your favourite songs is a guaranteed way of cheering yourself up!


In the 10 years we’ve been spreading the joy of singing, we’ve had wonderful stories from people across the world who have experienced our sessions, and as a result, have recovered from depression, anxiety and more.

The whole experience is more about teamwork than singing. Our team building sessions are dynamic, high impact, high energy and highly enjoyable. They can help re-enforce values or keep your team’s energy up during a long conference day.

Whatever your goals or theme of your event, we’ll build the day around you, so there’s more than smiles and camaraderie to show for your time with us.


Our Sing & Inspire teambuilds are the perfect all-weather solution for you regardless of the size of your team! They are designed to get your whole company pulling together, solving problems, laughing, singing, bonding… It’s a blast!

People get a crash course in teamwork when they sing in harmony — and that’s what you can expect from our corporate team building events.


Need even more reassurance that our teambuilding offerings are great for connecting your team and energising them at your conferences? Here is an amazing testimonial form Jayne Mayled, Managing Director at Jupiter:

“Thank you so much for giving my team such a fabulous team building experience yesterday afternoon. I have had nothing but fantastic positive feedback from everyone and a huge buzz around the building this morning. Also, the messages of what can be achieved together if you step out of your comfort zone really landed and people are talking about how amazing we are as a team. Your preparation, energy and professionalism was superb.” – Jayne Mayled, Jupiter

Here’s what the Managing Director of Float Productions had to say about an Inspire Me teambuilding offering:

“ Everyone was engaged, motivated and genuinely thrilled to take part. Andrea’s team knew exactly what to do and how hard to push the delegates. It is still the talking point of the conference, and will be for some time to come, and for all of the right reasons. We had approached other groups, some charging twice the rate of Sing & Inspire, but for me it would be extremely hard to better the fantastic and inspirational service that Sing & Inspire provide. I genuinely look forward to working with them again.” Anton Jeffery, Managing Director, Float Productions

Still unsure if a Sing & Inspire teambuild would be great for your next team day? We’ve got an array of other offerings from painting and drumming, to walking over hot coals (yes… you read that correctly!).

All of our teambuilding offerings will connect and energise your team.

Thanks for reading!

This blog was written by Katie Phillips for Inspire Me.

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