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23rd March 2015

Team Building: Putting A Little Rhythm Into Our Day

As a company that travels around the UK energising and helping teams work together better no one knows better than we do how important it is to bring teams together.

Team building helps to foster better and open communication between people. Often when you get to the root of any problem you realise that one of the main causes of that problem was poor communication.

We are a team of creatives and we are constantly finding new ways to improve our communication internally just as we do for our clients.

We practice what we preach!

Every few months we get the entire team together in HQ including our remote guys for a day of team building and finish with a fun social afterwards. It’s been an extremely busy period for us with challenges and on top of that we have also been juggling an office move and preparing for our director, Andrea’s maternity leave! Our next big team building day is planned for later this year and we thought we could do with a quick fun activity at HQ before then so we asked the lovely Peta Yapp to do a drumming workshop with us! A version of our Rhythm & Inspire samba team building.

Last week Peta came with her drums to our new office and we were all bursting with excitement to start.

Just before starting I did have a crazy drumming moment where I imagined I was on stage somewhere in an amazing rock outfit drumming to my heart’s content! Then I heard Peta calling us to start and snapped back to reality! We had amazing fun and were surprised at how good we sounded all banging away with Peta’s direction. It was a great hour of fun and I daresay we would all love to do it again with the rest of the team.


We made a lot of noise and bought our lovely neighbours some fabulous welshcakes to say thank you for being the best humans and letting us


So remember team building doesn’t necessarily need to be offsite in an exotic location or last an entire day. Sometimes you can simply introduce a new, short and impactful activity that will lift the energy internally and getting people working together.

As well as our large team building activities we also have team building workshops for smaller teams that last for just an hour. Explore our energise & inspire peak performance workshops for smaller teams and particularly popular with leadership teams.

Thanks for reading!

Lynn Abhulimen | Inspire Me Team Staff
Written by

Private: Lynn Abhulimen

Client Happiness & Brand Guardian

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