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8th May 2018

Transform Customer Service by Understanding How Your Employees Feel

Dedicating time to find out how your people feel in your business, including you and your leadership, can seriously transform your organisation and every business metric you measure – especially your customer service.

Understanding how we feel is the connection between us coasting along or actively choosing how we show up in our lives.

When we register how we feel about situations, we can then decide how to respond, or behave, to achieve the outcomes we would like.

It goes hand in hand therefore, that understanding how we feel at work influences our decisions and behaviours in the workplace.

How many of us have found ourselves in situations at work and thought – ‘How did we get here?’

All too often, we realise we’ve been in the same position, putting up with the same issues for years.

Time is our biggest currency and in this context, time really is money. How much of it are we willing to waste by being disconnected with how we feel and how we spend most of our time during the week?

Moreover, if time is invested to ‘really’ understand how our employees feel and created working environments that supported positive feelings at work, our bottom lines would look very different.

Dedicating time to find out how your people feel in your business, including you and your leadership, can seriously transform your organisation and every business metric you measure – especially your customer service.

Here are 5 behaviours to expect from your employees when there is greater understanding about how they feel.

1. They will be more present

When your people are present that’s when they become employee talent. When people are self-aware they are in touch with how they feel. This is a complete gamechanger in behaviour.

This opens the door to ‘choice’ and ‘congruency’ (both points covered later). More importantly, when employees are in the moment your customer service levels will sky rocket.

We know from our Inspire Me training results, that as soon as people are more mindful of their behaviour, they have better relationships, more empathy and are happier.

All of which impacts productivity and customer experience positively.

2. They will be engaged

I like to swap out the word engaged with connected.

The next step from being present or connected, with how you feel personally, is to be truly connected with others and your environment. It’s this employee engagement that changes behaviour and culture within the workplace.

I can’t begin to tell you how much feedback we’ve had from customers whose lives have changed because they’ve learnt to be engaged.

This connection enables crystal clear focus on why someone behaves in a certain way.

We have seen some phenomenal results with customer experience results, including Net Promoter Scores for our contact centre customers, quality, sales and sickness.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our client testimonials and return on investment.

3. They will be congruent

Congruency is one of my favourite words.

When people are aligned with how they feel, think and behave, they are authentic. When authenticity is in play everything is so much easier.

Leading people who have released their ego and fear because they’re in a place of authenticity is far more enjoyable.

When people are authentic they tend to meet others where they’re at. This means they’re far less likely to take things personally if a customer has a complaint.

Moreover, empathy and compassion will be at the forefront because focus will always be on the customer.

4. They will listen more

The above points lead to one of the most valuable behaviours in customer service.

The ability to listen – rather than assume.

This one behaviour can totally alter your customer’s perception of your brand and is one of the main keys to your customer service being more effective and on point.

Listening within your team is essential for communication and for transforming customer service. Customers feel truly valued when they’re listened to.

Even more than this, they feel heard which is so important for your brand.

5. They will be with you by choice

One of the most potent outcomes of having an engaged workforce is the ones that stay working with you are there because they have chosen to.

This is far more powerful that people working for or with you because they feel they must, to pay their bills for instance.

This taps into your employee’s sense of contribution or purpose which is one of our basic needs as people.

When people actively choose to do something, they are bound to have more traction and get better results because they have made a conscious decision to actively participate.

This is like gold dust for your business!

So how can you foster a culture where your people can display the 5 behaviours above?

How can you get a company that is more aware of their feelings?

How do you build this bridge to culture change?

There are several ways you can get on the road to achieving this. Here’s my top 5 solutions:

1. Understand your ‘why’

Make sure that if you are thinking of implementing a new initiative, especially one which involves everyone, that you’re sure about why you’re doing it and what outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

 2. Communicate

Communicate your initiative, why you’re implementing it and your outcome goals. Do this in an inclusive, open clear fashion so everyone’s on the same page.

This way, expectations are managed and your project, and culture change will run smoother.

3. Lead by example

If you want to inspire others to change their behaviours, you must start with your behaviour first.

When you start demonstrating the behaviours above, you’ll start to see tangible change within your team and others around you.

Lead by example. Listen to your team members and meet them wherever they’re at.

Be congruent with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and be authentic in your communication and behaviours.

Recognising how you feel is what it’s all about. If you feel good – great! If you feel like something needs to change, change it. This is your life and the lives of your team and customers.

4. Get some support

Invest in some people centric training and development for your employees which will support them in waking up to how they feel and behave.

Bringing in a training or engagement organisation that can support you in your workforce training and development will save you time and money.

You’ll get a return on your investment and your people may respond better to someone external when exploring their feelings.

5. Measure everything

Measure where you start, where you finish and along the way.

If you can, measure the ‘non-tangibles’. Contribution, how your organisation feels and behaviours all deserve to be noted. Collect testimonials from your people – good, bad and indifferent.

You can then get a whole picture if your initiative is working for you from every aspect. This will also give you a greater understanding of why your customer service has improved in a real way.

Your time is precious so use it wisely by being as authentic as you are able. Listen and actively choose to be in the moment, where you want to be and how you want to spend your time.

If you need any support in how you can perhaps do this, please head on over to our homepage on our website enter your email and receive my free audio eBook ‘15 ways to engage your team with communication….and see results within 30 days.’

I can guarantee that even though some of these suggestions seem a little unorthodox compared with your average customer service training, you will see results with this approach.

We have seen amazing outcomes time and time again.

Get in touch to ask us more about achieving transformational customer service results by honing in our people and getting real on how people feel.

And as always, if you loved this post, share it!

Andrea Callanan | Inspire Me Team Member
Written by

Andrea Callanan

Founder & Inspirational Diva

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