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22nd March 2021

Working from home – How to Stay on Top

Working from home has become the new normal. I’ve compiled some ways to ensure that your working day can be as positive as possible! 

Let’s be honest, for many of us who have office jobs, working from home has become the new normal. This has benefits and drawbacks. For one thing, the lack of commuting time is an obvious fun addition, however the lack of colleague socialisation and regular socialising with your team take away some pleasures of a workplace. As I’ve been working from home for Inspire Me for seven months, I’ve picked up on some ways to improve self-engagement and employee motivation. I’ve compiled some suggestions of how to increase motivation!

Allow for commuting time (even though it is not necessary) 

Believe me, I know how tempting it can be to stay in bed now that commuting is not necessary. For myself, however, I find this doesn’t necessarily put me in the right frame of mind to be fully engaged in my work by the time my day begins. Use that commuting time to go for a walk, get some exercise, or even do some reading for pleasure! This should give you the opportunity to appropriately transition from your sleep time into work time and mean you are happy and ready for the day.

Give yourself little breaks 

If you’re anything like me, you can feel guilty for stopping work for the smallest amount of time. It’s important to remember that you’re allowed to get a drink or visit the toilet when you need to. Smaller breaks are more representative of a workplace environment so don’t punish yourself because you’re unable to work in your usual conditions.

Separate your ‘work’ space from your ‘home’ space 

If possible, try and separate your work and home spaces to help you maintain the appropriate mindset during the working day. If you have a vacant office space at home, then perfect! If not, even just sitting at a desk with a chair with appropriate back support can help you work with the most positive mindset possible. Try to resist working from bed, that’s one place you don’t want to be associated with work!

Maintain regular contact with your team (especially video calls) 

Trust me, I know how easy it can be to feel detached from your work. Keeping day to day contact with your team can help this! Don’t be afraid to ask your line manager for a video call to give them an update on your progress. Most teams now have video calls at least on a weekly basis. However, if you feel you require more contact, ask your line manager! They are there to support you.

Get involved with work social activities! 

This is great for team building even when not working together face to face! Join in on after work zoom calls, play online games together, or join your workplace choir! Talk to your HR manager about getting in touch with us, if none of these are available.

I hope these tips will help to make working from home a more enjoyable experience! Lockdown has demonstrated how possible it is to maintain motivation while working from a distance. If you or your company decide to work from home in the future hopefully this will help to keep the working day a positive day!


Written by

Rose Baker

Apprentice Digital Communications Support Flower

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