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Our Values

We are a living values organisation. We KNOW that the cornerstone of a healthy culture is positive, on purpose behaviour, and that comes from what we think and believe.....our values are written by us as an organisation as a whole.


  • “Own Your Positivity, Pay it Forward”
  • “5 Ingredients for a Happy Team”
  • “We Create…”
  • “Ease”
  • “Brave Momentum”
  • “Helicopters and Lasers”    


“Own Your Positivity, Pay it Forward”

Choose your happiness and energy. Step into your power, recharge and live a healthy life that makes you sparkle. Then, pay it forward!


“5 Ingredients for a Happy Team”

 Mix together respect and honesty. Add a splash of support, a drop of harmony and lashings of connection. One happy team – better together.


“We Create…”

…and give people electric energy, soulful experiences and transformational change.



We know our worth, so we keep things simple and have consistent habits that lead to ease. 


“Brave Momentum” 

Create Crystal Clear Plans. Make bold decisions. Prepare and organise. Review and grow. 


“Helicopters and Lasers”

Zoom out to the helicopter view. Zoom in with laser focus.

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